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The Lunar Codex uses digital and analog technology to preserve art, books, music, and more, enclosed in time capsules and launched to the Moon. It is a message-in-a-bottle to the future.

Curatorial Notes

The core collection of novels and full-length books in the Lunar Codex is built around contributions from the authors of Writers of the Moon, a Lunar Codex sister project coordinated by Dr. Susan Kaye Quinn, that consisted of 125 authors pooling resources for an archival collection. 

The collection includes books from New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal, bestselling authors, as well as award-winners such as for the Amazon First Novel Award. 


Genres range from speculative fiction, to romance, to thrillers, to cozy mysteries, showcasing some of the best writing in traditional and independent circles.


* Every novel listed below is archived in the Codex. Each author thus has at least one book-length work represented in the Codex, and often several. 

Note that the collection shown below is not (yet) a complete listing of all the full-length books in the Lunar Codex.



Susan Kaye Quinn -When You Had Power.jpg
Carolyn R Parsons -Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott.jpg
Letters to Singapore - Stonehouse 2021 - Cover.jpg
Michael Blouin -Skin House.jpg
Chiral Justice Book Cover - LL Richman.png
Juliet Vane -Scorpions Lullaby.jpg
Patricia Gilliam -Out of the Gray.jpg
Patrice Fitzgerals and Jack Lyster -Captain Wu.jpg
Gwen Gardner -A Scandal in Boohemia .jpg
Ebook_B1_The Chiral Agent_The Biogenesis War copy - LL Richman.jpg
John Gregory Hancock -Roof.jpg
Alanah Andrews -Eve of Eridu.jpg
Jane Hinchey -Ghost Mortem.jpg
K Gorman -Black Dawn.jpg
Luci Beach -Happy for You.jpg
AP Watson -Seeds of Eden.JPG
M Pepper Langlinais -Faebourne.jpg
Jeanne Marcella -DemonLordCover.jpg
Sonia Rao -The Magician.jpg
Rysa Walker -Timebound.jpg
Kari Holloway -Cracked but Never Broken.jpg
JL Blair -And Love Speaks.jpg
Stella Bixby -Catfished.jpg
Deanna Chase -Soul of the Witch.jpg
Sasha Cottman -LetterFromARake.jpg
Philip Harris -GlitchM_5x8_FINAL_EBOOK - Philip Harris.jpg
Stephanie Damore -MAKEUP_USA .jpg
Jaden Wilkes -Empire Island.jpg
Mira Bailee -First Taste.jpg
Kody Boye -Beautiful Ones.jpg
The Chiral Protocol Book Cover - LL Richman.png
Dale Ivan Smith -Empowered Series.jpg
J. Rose Alexander - Jennifer Stevens -Wishes - Stars redo - .jpg
CJ Booth -Olive Park.jpg
Mira Bailee -Second Chances.jpg
A.A. Chamberlynn -BloodEarthMagic_CVR_MED.jpg
Speechless_CVR_LRG - Madeline Freeman.jpg
NoahZarc_MammothTrouble_3Edition_Final - D. Robert Pease.jpg
Lilith Sinclair 1 Silver and Gold.jpg
Kittyzens-Arrest-Kindle - Addison Moore.jpg
Shade Cover - Marilyn Peake - Marilyn Peake.jpg
hybrid trilogy ebook cover - T.K. Eldridge.jpg
Damyanti_Biswas_You_Beneath_ Your_ Skin - Damyanti Biswas.jpg
Article9_eBookCover_c - Jon Frater.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2021-02-02 at 17.44.00 - aarti v.jpeg
On-The-Bright-Side-Generic - Shelli Johannes.jpg
Feyland complete 3d - Anthea L.jpg
01_Life-First - RJ Crayton.jpg
1.The Kraken's Mirror Final Ebook - Maureen Betita.jpg
Darkangel_USA_1800x2700 - Joy Sillesen.jpg
tracker220_cover_jpeg_frontonly - Jamie K.jpg
Operation Cobalt Book Cover - LL Richman.png
Expatriates_CVR_MED - Corinne OFlynn.jpg
32_Kat Mizera_defending dani high res.jpg
Reaching For Christmas by Jemi Fraser - Jemi Fraser.jpg
The Gift Books 1-3 1800 x 2700 - Ishi Bansal.jpg
hexes and hot flashes ebook - LM Manifold.jpg
Mira Bailee -Third Degree.jpg
Scattered Moments in Time Cover (Samantha A. Cole) - Samantha A. Cole.jpg
when vamps bite ebook - Nicole Zoltack.jpg
Dragon Prey_Jutoh - Hannah Steenbock.jpg
CagedinWinterCoverBrightonWalsh - Brighton Walsh.jpg
Flicker-Kindle - Rebecca Rode.jpg
784334805 - Philippa Werner.jpg
CimmerianCityEbookCvrFin - Rlnd - Rae Lori.png
Front - Cabo Bard.jpg
RunBill WS Casimir ebook - Blair Babylon.jpg
Witch of the Wild Beasts_CatherineSTINE - Catherine Stine.jpg
SinsoftheFatherNew - Author Mary E. Twomey.jpg
Curious Reality Cover - D.K. Cassidy.jpeg
Meow_Skye MacKinnon - Sabine Kurz.jpg
SiG Alternate-ebook - Jennifer Stevens.jpg
The-Hell-Chronicles-Kindle - Tina Glasneck.jpg
Ghost - Daphne Loveling.jpg
The_Aliens_Allegiance_cover_front_RGB_WriteronMoon - Linh Nguyen-Ng (1).jpg
Mine-To-Keep-Kindle - M.C. Cerny.jpg
aerenden-large - Kristen Wood.jpg
Volume One Ebook - Bethany Adams.jpg
Storms-of-Future-Past-Generic - Kari Kilgore.jpg
Artemis Crow -Libras Limbo.jpg
Rune-Witch-series-box-set-1_Jennifer-Willis - JWillis.jpg
SeriesCover - TJ Kelly Capsule.png
Confessions-of-a-Bookaholic-Kindle - Joslyn Westbrook.jpg
Agonist-Generic - Jason Adams.jpg
And Death-print-Amazon - Russell Nohelty.jpg
Ambush in the Sargon Straits Book Cover - LL Richman.png
TheBookofBart_Ryan Hill_frontcoverfinal_LARGE (1) - Ryan Hill.jpg
3-Final - Final LR Tithi ebook cover - Leslie Bird Nuccio.jpg
GhostofDeath_w9682_750 - Chrys Fey.jpg
Pea Soup Disaster Cover - Elaine Kaye.jpg
Outrun the Night by Leah Ashton - Cover - Leah & Regan Bromilow.jpg
Cover_Disobedience_Means_Death_Sarah_Ettritch - Sarah Ettritch.jpg
Witchy Surprise compressed - Rhonda Hopkins.jpg
Avril Sabine Guardians Of The Round Table 01 - Avril Sabine.jpg
Earth Warden Cover 2020 - Tony James Slater.jpg
Cover Art - AwakenedFate_BoxSet_Books1-3 by Skye Malone, Cover by Karri Klawiter.jpg
AW_BadBlood_Alpha_FINAL - Anastasia Wilde.jpg
Unbreakable 2020 - S John Mayeski.jpg
Mexican 1 Final Master - Mona Marple.jpg
Pumpkin Pies & Potions by Polly Holmes - Peta Flanigan.jpg
boxset - zach chopchinski.jpg
Helen Smith #92 Nana by Helen Smith Cover Photo - Helen Smith.jpg
Goofy Newfies Ebook Cover - Ann Omasta (1).jpg
Here's How We Survive_ebook - Charity Tahmaseb.jpg
AuthorAllisonChan.BATARIA.BookCover - Allison F. Chan.jpg
A Touch of Darkness COVER by Tina Moss - Tina Moss.jpg
JW Garrett Remeons Quest cover.jpg
Kissing Books Cat Johnson Cover - Cat Johnson.png
Velocity-Rising-Generic - Angie Arland.jpg
Complete-Intrepid-Saga-Cover - Malorie Cooper.png
Chasing-Demons-front-cover - Mary Layton.jpg
Artemis Crow -Leona's Descent.jpg
The-Blood-Bride-Generic - In The Chair With Imogene Nix.jpg
Distant Horizon - Stephanie and Isaac Flint - Book Cover.jpg
Where theres Life.jpg
Elise Noble - The Black Trilogy cover - Elise Noble.jpg
Dania Voss - Hannahs-Bliss Cover - Dania Voss.jpg
PressGnomeSG - Skyler Wood.jpg
Hyde_cover_1600x2470 - Lauren Stewart.jpg
(Book_0.5 Prequel)_Remember_1600x2500 (6) - Tara Allred-Niekamp.jpg
OBLlowtitle - TJ Muir.jpg
B&S-BoxSet-2D - JC Andrijeski.jpg
TDOA cover - Bron Rauk-Mitchell - Bron Rauk-Mitchell (1).png
SKQ 2 - Books - SKQ1 - Mindjack Kira 1 - Open Minds cover.jpg
The Monsters Within - Kody Boye.jpg
In Bed With Her Millionaire Foe Cover  - aarti v.jpg
Once-Upon-a-Different-Time-Kindle - S John Mayeski.jpg
Our-Love-Unhinged_BrightonWalsh - Brighton Walsh.jpg
Port KT front cover 2014 with gold award - Cynthia Port.jpg
Tony James Slater -Spark of Resistance.jpg
Mira Bailee -Four Letters.jpg
A-Partridge-in-the-PEAR_Skye MacKinnon - Sabine Kurz.jpg
MoonDog_CVR_LRG - JWillis.jpg
9D2B2146-8ED0-4AFE-AED9-13A02DCA4DF1 - Sasha Cottman.png
Lilith Sinclair 2 Howling King.jpg
Lilith Sinclair 2 Howling King.jpg
JeanneMarcella_ThePhoenixEmbryo - Jeanne Marcella.jpg
A Touch of Darkness COVER by Tina Moss - Tina Moss.jpg
JW Garrett Remeons Crusade cover.jpg
Sidney' Escape Cover-Bk 2 of the Allendian PostApoc-Nirina Stone - Nirina Author.jpg
Artie Cabrera -Im Not Dead.jpg
Fractured Skies - Stephanie and Isaac Flint - Book Cover.jpg
Gardner_Gwen A Stitch in Crime cover.jpg
KD Williams Thread of Life.jpg
The-Star-of-Ishtar-Generic - In The Chair With Imogene Nix.jpg
The-Nature-of-Grace-Boxset-Kindle - Shelli Johannes.jpg
SKQ 3 - Books - AW1 - Dot Com Wolves 1 - Claiming Mia cover.jpg
Winter-Princess_Skye MacKinnon _Sabine Kurz.jpg
Rosetta Bloom - Cinders and Ash.jpg
Lilith Sinclair 3 Mark of Cain.jpg
RJ Crayton -Rogue Ship.jpg
Seriescraft - Patricia Gilliam.jpg
Carolyn Parsons -Rare Moon Tickle.jpg
Pact-with-a-Heartbreaker_BrightonWalsh - Brighton Walsh.jpg
The Plucker Cover - D.K. Cassidy.jpeg
The-Mars-Diaries_Skye MacKinnon - Sabine Kurz.jpg
SJ_Pajonas Revealed-Generic.jpg
Elaine Kaye -Bad Fairy.jpg
trilogy_final - Tori Knightwood.jpg
The Chiral Conspiracy Book Cover - LL Richman.png
Nirina Stone -Petra.jpg
Rhiannon Frater -Pretty Dies.jpg
Lady Rample_ebookx2_300dpi - Shéa MacLeod.jpg
Julien Morgan -Breizh of the Dead.jpg
Dark Wine At Midnight by Jenna Barwin (Main Bk Cover) - Jenna Barwin.jpg
Tony James Slater -Kamikaze Kangaroos.jpg
Jaden Wilkes -Dirty Little Freaks .png
JL Blair -The Lightworkers.jpg
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