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Television & Small Screen

View of the Moon scene.jpg

The Lunar Codex uses digital and analog technology to preserve art, books, music, and more, enclosed in time capsules and launched to the Moon. It is a message-in-a-bottle to the future.

Curatorial Notes

Of all the types of cultural assets preserved in the Lunar Codex, video is one form that cannot be captured practically in archival form on Nanofiche. Film and video features are therefore preserved exclusively on nickel-shielded digital memory in the Polaris time capsule.

In addition to shorter features geared for YouTube, Vimeo, and the small screen, including the beautifully-wrought A New View of the Moon, the Lunar Codex notably includes 301 full-length episodes of the long-running television series Colour In Your Life, documenting the life and works of artists around the globe.


A New View of the Moon - vertical poster wSeal.jpg

To Scale: (2018) - GM1

- A film by Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh

- Directed by and cinematography by Alex Gorosh

- Written by and featuring Wylie Overstreet

- Telescope - 12" collapsible Dobsonian reflector with Televue 13mm Ethos eyepiece

Audio - William McGuigan, Gypsy Sound ▪ Music - 'Claire de Lune' by Claude Debussy, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra ▪ Special thanks to Ramsey Meyer, Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman, Marisa Rico, the Rico family, the Gorosh family, Al Nagler and the 13mm Ethos, and the people of Los Angeles

- "One warm summer evening... I noticed the moon was out. I rolled my telescope into my apartment elevator and took it out to the sidewalk. Soon, a young couple walked up, clearly curious, and asked to look through it. Their incredulous reaction and expressions of awe over seeing the moon brought close was a joy to watch. I thought to myself, hey, maybe there’s a good short film here. And there was." 

- Archived in the Polaris time capsule

Ethan Waddell CBC Demo Image.jpg

Kidz Pow3r (2021) - GM1

- Presented by Ethan Waddell

- CBC Kids television program demo, based on the Feb 2018 launch of a Tesla Roadster electric sports car, carrying a space-suited mannequin known as 'Starman', as test payload on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket platform. Both the automobile and rocket are products of companies headed by Elon Musk.

- In the Tesla Roadster dashboard is a disk containing Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels, miniaturized with the same Nanofiche technology used in the Lunar Codex's Nova and Polaris time capsules.

- SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rocket will be used in 2022 as the platform to launch Intuitive Machines' Nova-C lander, carrying the Lunar Codex's Nova time capsule to the Moon.
- SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket will be used in 2023/24 as the platform to launch the Astrobotic Griffin lunar lander, carrying both NASA's VIPER rover and the Lunar Codex's Polaris time capsule to the Moon.

What We Left Behind (Website Poster).png

Thinking Scifi Productions (2022) - XM1, GM1

- Concept trailer for streamed television feature, based on Director's Cut of book trailer for the novel of the same name. Originally developed as graduation project by students of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia.

- Directed by Sarah Cawdron

- Screenplay by Sarah Cawdron and Liam Lee, based on the novel by Peter Cawdron 

- Liam Lee, Producer ▪ Sarah Cawdron, Producer ▪ Morgan Outtridge, Associate Producer

- Main Cast
Hazel: Samantha Dilena Steve: Luca Ikesu-Ling ▪ David: Daniel Tchang ▪ Jane: Malika Savory Abraham: David O'Donoghoe Marge: Trish Harris ▪ Ferguson: Rob Wainwright Mrs. J: Corinne Le Claire 

- Additional cast:
Zombies: Sage Rizk, Patty Smith, Ayden McCarthy, Eamon French, Gretchen Bos, Chantelle Koch, Sarocha Markwell, Fiona Cawdron, Daniel Wang, Ashley Outtridge, Liam Lee ▪ Survivors: Connor Grzesiak, Aubde People, Cameron Dauth, Chantelle Koch, Clare Shanks, Ashley Outtridge, Demarie Taylor, Dylan Molloy,  Laura Rodriguez, Keehly Heiner, Fiina Kytomaki, Holly Attard, Izzy Balshaw, Jacki Hartmann, Jett Stanton, Karen Woodcock, Kiearn Leather, Lachlan Thoday, Liam Lee, Shalyn Reynolds, Patty Smith, Peter Cawdron. Fiona Cawdron, Sarah Cawdron, Ruby McNaughton, Sarocha Markwell, Tara Barton, Taleisha Lee,  Thomas Unkles, Trey Davies 

- Crew and other production departments

Director of Photography: Morgan Outtridge ▪ First Assistant Director: Izzy Balshaw Camera A Operator:  Kashishdeep Singh Gill Camera B Operator: Zion Carrick Camera Assistants: Kevin Lyon, Bob Hsiung Drone Pilot: Sarah Cawdron Grip: William Brown, Kevin Lyon Head of Art Department: Kiearn Leather Art Assistant: Justin Laws ▪ Sound: Juan Perez, Dylan Molloy, Izzy Balshaw Costume Department: Dylan Molly, Liam Lee Gaffer: William Brown Continuity: Lachlan Thoday Vision Editor: Daniel Tchang Colour Editor: Daniel Tchang Visual Effects: Lachlan Thoday, Daniel Tchang Post Sound: Izzy Balshaw, Seth Mischewski, Rachel Hall Composer: Tommy Hynes Slate: Lachlan Thoday ▪ Unit: Aubde People, Liam Lee, Daniel Tchang, Dylan Molloy Acting Coach: Liam Lee, Dylan Molloy Lead Make up Artist: Bronte Hobson  Make up artists: Ashlyn Turner, Emily Chadwick, Keehly Heiner, Sammi-Lea Bullock, Shalyn Reynolds, Sophie Gorman, Stacey Power 

Casting: Liam Lee, Sarah Cawdron Stunt Coordinator: Kevin Lyon Replica Firearm Manager: Morgan Outtridge ▪ Social Media Manager: Juan Perez BTS Photographer: Aubde People Concept Artists: Shania Ryan, Zoe Betts 

- Poster and listing of cast and crew archived in Νουα time capsule. Film, screenplay, original novel, poster, and listing archived in Polaris time capsule.

Jet Scalawag.jpg

Peralta GameDev (2022) - GM1

- Videogame and interstitial films comprising four standalone interactive episodes: Nebula Station, Asteroid Station, Neon City, and Dark City
- Core Team
Patrick Peralta, game design and programming ▪ Elona Peralta, logistics and support ▪ Kyra Peralta, social media management ▪ Elijah Peralta, QA and game testing

- Assets used include
Jet Scalawag model by Mehmet Pinarci ▪ Hextraction's Open Game Art Initiative by Combo Mash ▪ 3D Spaceship by Paidex ▪ Low poly UFO by JonLundy3D ▪ Volumetric Space Nebula Procedural Generator by Ambient GraphX ▪ Space Stations Creator by Ebal Studios ▪ Asteroid Field with Asteroid Stations Pack by Kurt Fitzgerald ▪ Neon City Synthwave by CGStuff ▪ NeuroFractals Pack by Vladimir Perminov ▪ Cyberpunk FX Pack by Delirious Games ▪ Space Creator by Makemake

- Major project contributors to production videos, to be released, include
Jimmy Dean, voice of Jet Scalawag ▪ Kevin Rodrigues, voice of The Forth ▪ Kyra Peralta, voice of the Little Girl ▪ Mehmet Pinarci, 3D models: Jet Scalawag skin and various enemy capital ships ▪ Tyler Gibbons, 3D models: Jet Scalawag skin, Little Girl and other human models, other spacecraft ▪ Anakin Pereyra, 2D art ▪ Almaz Khakimov, various ambient and spacecraft sound effects ▪ Chris Cathbad, music ▪ Francis Peralta, music ▪ Ismail Kemal Ciftcioglu, Co-founder RealityArts Studio, technical consultation ▪ Samuel Peralta, producer

Studio Tour with Salbhi Sumaiya.jpg

Meraki Studio (2022) - GM1

- Presented by Salbhi Sumaiya

- Meraki Studio represents the fine art work of Salbhi Sumaiya, a Bangladeshi conceptual and visual artist now working in Totonto. Recurring themes in her works are imagery raising awareness of contemporary issues, including the mass extinction of animals caused by human interference, as well as the calamities faced by Myanmar's atrocities against the Rohingya population.
- Exhibits in Bangladesh, India, South Africa, Poland, Japan, and Canada, most recently at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair 2022.

Seasons 1-22 + Partial Season 23 + Special Editions

Colour In Your Life Productions (2009-2022) - GM1

- Created by Graeme Stevenson OAM, Colour In Your Life Productions (2009-2022)

- The Polaris Collection comprises 301 half-hour episodes from 2009 to 2022, including special editions

- Founded in Australia  in 2009, Colour In Your Life is a television series consisting of art documentaries, studio tours, interviews, and art lessons featuring artists in their studios around the world. The show is distributed worldwide to hundreds of millions of viewers. Colour In Your Life has filmed hundreds of artists with five film teams and can be viewed in over 50 countries around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and the UK.

Producers, staff, and supporters include

Graeme Stevenson: Founder and producer ▪ Sophia Stacey: Head of production and film, editing, and management; traveling partner Natascha Wernick: Management and social networking John Tilden: Technical support and management, investor and supporter Tom Shanks: Investor, Influencer and Mentor Steven Hughes: Influencer and Mentor Ward Ryan: Influencer and Mentor John Charlebois: Influencer Mentor Kim Nazarek: Investor and supporter Joa Schwinn: Investor and Supporter Peter Fleming: Investor and supporter Ian Ahrens: Accounting and financial support Max Boyd: Influencer and media management Shane lisson: lights and grips John Ireland: maintenance and servicing equipment Brian and Margaret Stevenson: lifetime support Lisa Stevenson: lifetime support Luke Stevenson: Filming Taylor Stevenson: filming Janet Binks: Influencer and supporter Tanita Stevenson: web design management Jo Frederiks: social networking artist and supporter, data collection, media management Frankie Sharman: social networking, media management Jenny O’Leary: Management and editing Robyn Stark: Web design and web management Julie West: Teacher filming editing Cornelius Frederiks:  Investor , supporter Ian Walton: UK host and management Leon Bowen: filming and editing for the UK Richard Stergulz: USA host and artist Allen Freeman: USA  filming and editing ▪ Peter Schlemmer: USA filming and editing ▪ Alan James: USA Host filming and editing, East coast Regina Dolan: Art Consultant

Includes documentaries on and the art of

Graeme Stevenson ▪ Manny Petavrakis ▪ Mealie Bardo ▪ Mealie Batchelor ▪ Peter Mortimore ▪ Nicholas Broughton ▪ Frank Miles ▪ Alex O'Hara ▪ Leisa O'Brien ▪ Maria Paterson ▪ Joseph Zbukvic ▪ Dave Behrens ▪  Michael Upton ▪ Rebecca Phillips ▪ Kelli McGregor ▪ Kerry Thompson ▪ Kylie Farrelly ▪ Tricia Reust ▪ Gina Davey ▪ Ilia Chidzey ▪ Junee Correctional Facilities ▪ Terry Jackson ▪ Steve Hillier ▪ Darren Townsend ▪ Mary Ann Runciman ▪ Anna Curtis ▪ Rae Woolnough ▪ Yelena Dyumin ▪ Patrick Owen Wilson ▪ Wendy Manzo ▪ Meredith Woolnough ▪ Louise Corke ▪ John Kennedy ▪ Ken Done ▪  John Turton ▪ Mark Waller ▪ Carolyn Henry ▪ Tracey Creighton ▪ Melissa Ritchie ▪ Innes McLeod ▪ De Gillett ▪ Jo Fredericks ▪ John Anderson ▪ Janet Knight ▪ Jen Denise Stark ▪ Glenise Clelland ▪ Carole Foster ▪ Adriaan VanDerLugt ▪ Sylvia Ditchburn ▪ Maryanne Holmes ▪ Kate Jenvy Ferguson ▪

Alvaro Castagnet ▪ Brian Tisdall ▪ The Three Amigos ▪ Lucy McCann ▪ Barry McCann ▪ Adrienne Williams ▪ Sue Lederhose ▪ Theresa May ▪ John Crump ▪ Nigel Wilson ▪ Ruth Reid ▪ Alison Hale ▪ Rachel Jemmett ▪ Shirley Peters ▪ Cliff Hosking ▪ Bjorn Hansen ▪  Ulla Abilgaard ▪ David Taylor ▪ Helen Cooper ▪ Jenny Laidlaw ▪ Barbara Beasley-Southgate ▪ Anthony Breslin ▪ Linda MacAuley ▪ Judith Leman ▪ Soveig Svendsen ▪ Richard Robinson ▪ Mike Harold ▪ Jacky Pearson ▪ John Bradley ▪ Johanna Heildebrandt ▪ Lyn Diefenbach ▪ Christine Clark ▪ Alexandra Spyratos ▪ Ernie Dingo ▪ Jo Reitze ▪ Julie Goldspink ▪ Margaret Gurney ▪ Craig Primrose ▪ Clive Sinclair ▪ Amanda Hyatt ▪ Jana Vodesil-Baruffi ▪ Paula Wiegmink ▪ Lyn Olsen ▪ Abel Pracas ▪ Uma Barry ▪ Janet Knight ▪ Anne Marie Graham ▪ Judy Waters ▪ Sue Dent ▪ Nick Eggleston ▪ Susan Harrison-Tustain ▪ Doreen McNeill ▪ Timo Rannali ▪

Rob McGregor ▪ Els Dirickx ▪ Brigitte Eggert Art Gilding ▪ Janet Thatcher ▪ Wendy Fantasia ▪ Shazia Imran ▪ Peter Smeeth ▪ Sandra Temple ▪ David Wells ▪ Peter Coad ▪ Joy Day ▪ Barbara Stanton ▪ Richard Stergulz ▪ Harvey Leach ▪ Becky Robbins ▪ Patricia Coulter ▪ Donna Racovalis ▪ Lynette Orzlowski ▪ Lauryne Hart ▪ Barbara von Seida ▪ Paula Knight ▪ Jenny Coker ▪ Fiona Kerr Gedson ▪ Svetlana Orinko ▪ Jan Thomson ▪ Rhonda Armistead ▪ Sandra Blackburne ▪ Vikki Jackson ▪ Savva Savva ▪ Linda Schroeter ▪ Douglass Brown ▪ John Cosby ▪ Stephanie Burns ▪ Linda Gunn ▪ Noula Diamantopoulos ▪ Glenn Farquhar ▪ Marie France Rose ▪ Scott Denholm ▪ Clair Bremner ▪ Craig Penny ▪ Helen Cottle ▪ Rob Prior ▪ Jamie Dougherty ▪ Ramey Dixon ▪ Kurt Weismair ▪ Lynn Gertenbach ▪ Pete Tillack ▪ Jill Perrott ▪ Reina Cottier ▪ Jane Toy ▪ Sharon Hindle ▪ Lorraine Rogers ▪ David Calrow ▪

Barry Mason ▪ Kath Castle ▪ Rock On Gallery ▪ Madeline Eckeblad ▪ Rosie Jones ▪ Garth Lena ▪ Lucy McCann ▪ Barry McCann ▪ Julie Collins ▪ Cheryl Findlay ▪ Gillian Grove ▪ Russell Kereama ▪ Malcolm Carver ▪ Fiona Valentine ▪ David Lovegrove ▪ Amanda Hyatt ▪ Marie Grice ▪ Rhonda Gray ▪ Christine Broerson ▪ Judy Waters ▪ Maureen Crawford ▪ Jennifer Fletcher ▪ Steve Morvell ▪ Paul Stowe ▪ Ian Walton ▪ Emily Speakman ▪ Jonathan Brier ▪ Jacqui Kiff ▪ David Woodford ▪ Penelope Gilbert ▪ Eric Rhoads ▪ Gayle Garner Roski ▪ CarieAnn Therese ▪ Nancy Christy-Moore ▪ Min Kim ▪ Cindy Hutton ▪ Sue Curry ▪ Debbie Lambert ▪ Kym Beaton ▪ Lynley van Alphen ▪ Kim MacKenzie ▪ Fiona Groom ▪ Max Baccanellol ▪ Sally Lancaster ▪ Scott Naismith ▪ Roslyn Oakes ▪ Sandra Guy ▪ Graham Austin ▪ Amanda McLean ▪ Chan Dissanayake ▪ Delene White ▪ Barbara van der Linden ▪


Caroline Deeble ▪ Frank (Francois) Arnold ▪ Keith Chidzey ▪ Natalie Ellis ▪ David Aldridge ▪ Brigitte Dawson ▪ Jacki Burke ▪ Justine Martin ▪ William Dunn ▪ Serena Supplee ▪ Bryan Mark Taylor ▪ Steve Griggs ▪ Deene Millecam ▪ Lorraine Watry ▪ John Hulsey ▪ R. Geoffrey Blackburn ▪ Kathleen Carrillo ▪ Lynn Jaanz ▪ Keelan Ashton-Bell ▪ Louise Foletta ▪ Karen Wiseman ▪ Angela Walker ▪ Jessica Henry ▪ Daniel Riedel ▪ Paul Coney ▪ Jo Rankin ▪ Randall Froude ▪ Vivienne Bashford ▪ Don McAra ▪ Leanne Hamilton ▪ Meg Quilty ▪ Judith Hoste ▪ Steve Vigors ▪ Leon Holmes ▪ Helen Norton ▪ Barry McCann ▪ Lucy McCann ▪ Peggy Stokes ▪ Brienne Brown ▪ Alan James ▪ Tony Visco ▪ Ann Hart ▪ Evelyn Dunphy ▪ Marnie McKnight ▪ Tony White ▪ Karen Bloomfield ▪ Tricia Reust ▪ Christine Read ▪ Lee Teusner ▪ Cheryl Bridgart ▪ Janette Humble ▪ Robin Hicks ▪

Madeleine Elkin ▪ Miranda Free ▪ Celia Moriarty ▪ Ashley Hay ▪ Barry McCann ▪ Jo Frederiks ▪ Anita Nevar ▪ Kathy Ellem ▪ Frank Ordaz ▪ Howard Park ▪ Graham Eldridge ▪ Carmen Jackson ▪ Sheila Tan ▪ Sandi Lear ▪ Judith Leman Tanya J De Wet Libby Witchell Olga Megele Cherie Medway Donna O'Callaghan Linda Richichi Priya Gore Brandon Wockner Red Hill Gallery Margaret Campbell Ryder Natalie Davis Angela Clark John Maitland ▪ Cynthia Underwood Randy Morgan Black Market Tattoo (Madison Van Bennekom, Nate Kennedy, Corey Hiskens, Matt Comben)

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