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Documentary Film

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In March 2024, six teams of Australian filmmakers won the Sunny Coast Showdown competition, presented by the Bendigo Community Bank of Marcoola, Cooroy, and Tewantin-Noosa.

Independent producers Kim Ingles and Julia Lörsch won one of two unscripted categories with a unique documentary project. 

Their vision 
would follow the story of the Lunar Codex cultural time capsule project in its third launch from Earth - ultimately its first to successfully land on the Moon.

Ingles and Lörsch had previously worked as a team on the impact documentary The Oyster Gardener, and the Showdown win allowed them the financial freedom to move forward on The Art Side of the Moon.

The Sunny Coast Showdown

Then in its third year, the Sunny Coast Showdown talent incubator affords local writers, producers and filmmakers the chance for funding and support of their own film and TV projects.

Founded by Jon Coghill and Dan Munday - the latter having delivered reality productions including the global Survivor series - Sunny Coast Showdown is run by volunteers and screen professionals with a vision to establish a viable film and TV industry on Australia's Sunshine Coast.

Out of 90 submissions six projects were selected to go forward to complete productions and to present their finished films at the Sunny Coast Showdown SHOWFEST Film and TV festival in Queensland in June 2024.

Behind the Scenes

Concept filming for The Art Side of the Moon had begun in the run-up to the launch of Intuitive Machines' Odysseus lunar lander in early 2024 - what would become the first commercial landing on the Moon, and the first US spacecraft landing in over fifty years since the Apollo program.

Filming continued through March in several countries around the globe.

In Australia, Margaret Ingles, a Queensland artist whose work had been selected more than two years previously for the Lunar Codex's Nova and Polaris time capsules, would embody the perspective of artists whose works were onboard the Codex.

In Canada, a local camera crew worked with Samuel Peralta, founder of the Lunar Codex, directed remotely from Australia by Ingles and 
Lörsch, as he curated work for future launches.

Footage and photographs from the February launch and landing were generously provided by SpaceX, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA). The ILOA wide-field-of-view camera onboard the Odysseus - which took the photos of the historic landing - was named the "Lunar Codex" in honor of the cultural archive project.

In the US, Europe, and in several countries around the world, dozens of artists, curators, collectors, and editors provided video clips of themselves and the works in the Lunar Codex, talking about what the project meant to them.

Principal photography for the documentary ended in April, followed by post-production in May. The film was completed in June 2024.

Images on this page courtesy Sunny Coast Showdown, unless otherwise indicated. 


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The Art Side of the Moon:
The Lunar Codex Story

22 June 2024

The Art Side of the Moon - an independent documentary film by Kim Ingles and Julia Lörsch for the Sunny Coast Showdown - premieres at The Station, Birtinya, in Queensland, Australia on June 22 as part of the 2024 SHOWFEST Film and TV Festival.

According to a write-up of the film from Sunny Coast Showdown

"Get a glimpse of the groundbreaking Art Side of the Moon documentary - the ambitious quest to preserve humanity’s creative achievements on the lunar surface.  

"Meet Samuel, the visionary physicist behind the Lunar Codex - thousands of contemporary artworks by creators like Margaret encoded for an unprecedented moon archive.  

"But will Margaret’s powerful piece Feels Like Home and this first-of-its-kind artistic cargo make it aboard the commercial lander? The stakes are sky-high."

The Art Side of the Moon is included in the Polaris time capsule of the Lunar Codex.

The Art Side of the Moon:

Written by Kim Ingles and Julia Lörsch
Directed & edited by Kim Ingles
Produced by Julia Lörsch
Co-produced by Louise Hayse
Director of Photography Wes Greene
Music composed by Denis Feletto
Executive Producers Dan Munday, Jon Coghill & David Edgar
Sound & design Dan Brown
Production & design by Janet Francis
Director of Photography (Canada) Brian Allan Stewart
Second Camera (Canada) Curt Galindo

Margaret Ingles ▪ Dr. Samuel Peralta
with contributions from
Rosario Bitanga ▪ Amy Ordoveza ▪ Hazel Bartram-Birchenough ▪ Anne-Marie Zanetti ▪ Daniel Maidman ▪  Hari Lualhati ▪ Heather Horton ▪ Kathrin Longhurst ▪ Lorena Kloosterboer ▪ Maria Mitsumori ▪ Martina Mcateer ▪ Mazzy Sleep ▪ Nicolette Wong ▪ Oceana Rain Stuart ▪ Perla Kantarjian ▪ Rosa Fedele ▪ Viktoria Savenkova ▪ Yvonne Melchers ▪ De Gillet Cox ▪ Elizabeth Dean ▪ Didi Menendez ▪ Danijela Krha Purssey ▪ Steven Alan Bennett ▪ Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt 

Sunny Coast Showdown's
2024 SHOWFEST Film and TV Festival

is presented by Bendigo Bank
in association with
Screen Queensland ▪ The Queensland Government ▪
Noosa Council ▪ Film Sunshine Coast ▪ Sunshine Coast Council ▪ Sunshine Coast Screen Collective ▪ 
Paddy O'Shea's ▪ Noosa Personal Chef ▪ InNoosa / HelloSunshine ▪ 91.1HOT ▪ Bridgestone ▪ Noosa4Sale ▪ Silly Solly's ▪ Camera House ▪ Peregian Digital Hub ▪ The Big Pineapple 

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