Musical Groups

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The Lunar Codex uses digital and analog technology to preserve art, books, music, and more, enclosed in time capsules and launched to the Moon. It is a message-in-a-bottle to the future.

Curatorial Notes

This section documents a selection of music from around the world, expanded from the Peregrine Collection which includes only two selections - a digitized version of the dance-ballad What If I Wrote You a Love Song,  and the score and lyrics to the 400th anniversary hymn written for the Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

In addition to the above, the Nova Collection includes songs from three maestros of Philippine music, using a novel archival process first used in the Lunar Codex.

In this technique, the song is represented as a temporal waveform and a frequency spectrogram, with ancillary text data, and etched onto nickel nanofiche. The song is reconstructed by sound wave analysis algorithms as used in paleokymophony or paleospectrophony, albeit a medium that can last hundreds of thousands of years.

The Polaris Collection will use this technique for selected songs, but digital archiving will be used for several hundred compositions, representing award-winning and select contemporary music from countries ranging from the U.S., Canada, Italy, and Germany, to South Korea, the Philippines, Georgia, and Bhutan.


Works are located as to their respective lunar time capsules as follows: 

IM1 - Intuitive Machines Nova-C Mission 1 to Vallis Schrasöteri (The Nova Collection)

PM1 - Astrobotic Peregrine Mission 1 to Lacus Mortis (The Peregrine Collection)

GM1 - Astrobotic Griffin Mission 1 to the Lunar South Pole (The Polaris Collection)


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APO Music (2022) - IM1, GM1

-  All songs composed, arranged, produced, and performed by APO Hiking Society or its individual members Jim Paredes, Boboy Garovillo and Danny Javier, leaders in the original Pilipino music (OPM) movement

- Archive includes a collection of 33 songs and instrumentals including Pumapatak ang Ulan, When I Met You, Love is for Singing, Mahirap Magmahal ng Syota ng Iba, Panalangin, Di Na Natuto, Doo Bidoo, Salawikain, Nakapagtataka, and Kabilugan ng Buwan

- All songs above are digitally archived in the Polaris collection. The song Kabilugan ng Buwan is archived on nickel microfiche in the Nova collection.

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Syliboy Productions (2022) - GM1


- Influential Mi'kmaq artist Alan Syliboy is a singer-songwriter and spoken word poet who shares his vision and creativity through visual art and song.  

- Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers has a core lineup of Alan Syliboy, Evan Syliboy, Aaron Prosper, Joanne Hatfield, Lukas Pearse, and Matt Gallant. They frequently perform with special guests such as violinist Morgan Toney, and have performed with ensembles such as Symphony Nova Scotia. Performances are accompanied on occasion by the Thundergirls, dancers Sarah Prosper, Tehya Milliea, and Patience Syliboy.
- Signal Fire – Performance recorded on March 24, 2022.  Alan Syliboy, songwriter, vocals, and percussion. Evan  Syliboy, electric guitar. Lukas Pearse, bass guitar. Joanne Hatfield, vocals and acoustic guitar. Aaron Prosper, vocals and percussion. Matt Gallant, drums. Special guest Morgan Toney, violin. Sound recording, engineering, and narration by Reg Henderson.

- Digitally archived in the Polaris collection. 

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Gori Women's Choir / Leno Records (2022) - GM1

- Founded in 1970 in Georgia by maestro Shalva Mosidze and Alexandre Katcharava.

- From 2013, Teona Tsiramua was Choir Conductor, leading award-winning performances at the Tonen 2000 competition in the Netherlands, the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2000, Dubai Expo 2020, and more.
- In 2016 the Choir recorded In Winter with Georgian-British star Katie Melua, hit the Top 10 UK Album charts, and performed in over 100 shows in Europe with Melua. The choir continues to collaborate with musicians from all over the world, including in electronic music with a successful online concert in 2021. 

- This collection preserves the songs Lasharis Gzaze, Varado, and Exercise as performed by the contemporary choir, conducted by Teona Tsiramua, and produced by George Gvarjaladze of Leno Records.
- While individual choir members change over time, members in the collection include 

Tsiramua Teona, artistic director & soloist ▪ Giorgi Tsiramua, choir manager ▪ PavliaSvili Teona, soloist ▪ Okroporidze Tamar ▪ Karichashvili Tinatin ▪ Marnadze Mariam ▪ GhviniaSvili Lizi ▪ Cherkezishvili Sopio ▪ Kebadze Keti ▪ Guraspashvili Shorena ▪   Imerlishvili Eka ▪ Iluridze Tamar ▪ Berdznishvili Mtvarisa ▪ Khanishvili Tamar ▪ Termakozashvili Nino  ▪  Naskidashvili Iza ▪ Abalaki Lika ▪ Edisherashvili Ani ▪ Gelashvili Meri ▪ Gogshelidze Sopio ▪ Ramazashvili Tatuli  ▪ Khubuluri TaTia

- All songs are archived in the Polaris time capsule.


Gori Women's Choir (1990) - GM1

- Maestro Shalva Mosidze and school director Alexandre Katcharava founded the Gori Women's Choir as a musical school girl’s choir in 1970.

- Under the maestro's direction, the Georgian women's choir saw great success, garnering awards for outstanding performances in Debrecen 1986 and Marktoberdorf 1989.
- The St. Peterburg Classic festival in 1989 produced the acclaimed album Archaica - Modern Georgian Choral Music from which this collection is selected.

- This collection preserves the classic recordings Exercise and Lasharis Gzaze, both written by composer Ioseb Kechakmadze, as well as Orovela, a Georgian folk song, with soloist Mariam Abuladze. The choir's classic versions of these songs were presided over by maestro Shalva Mosidze, and produced by H. Memo Rhein.

- Maestro Mosidze's inspirational achievements were celebrated, along with his 85th birthday, at the Tbilisi Conservatoire Grand Hall in Georgia on May 10, 2022.
- Previous choir member Tamari Gogatishvili facilitated the connection leading to preservation of the choir's classic and contemporary work in the Polaris time capsule.

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corner club (2022) - GM1

- Savannah Du and Michael Zhang are the duo known as corner club. Sav's classical composition background and poetic leaning combine with Mike's acoustic and pop-funk guitar influences, creating a vibe with a textured, sumptuous palette of sound. In a short time, corner club has achieved an organic appeal, with over a million streams globally and counting.

- Manhattanhenge - Written, performed, and produced by corner club. Mastered by Nathan James at Vault Mastering Studios.

ok time - Written, performed, and produced by corner club. Mastered by Kevin Tuffy at AIR.

- All songs are digitally archived in the Polaris collection.

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Otyken Music (2022) - GM1

- Otyken is a Siberian ethnic musical group with a unique sound that is a marvelous combination of traditional musical instruments and modern arrangements. Their unique overtone singing and the sound of the traditional  khomus transports listeners to the boreal forests of the Taiga.

- Songs archived include My Wing, Storm, and Genesis.

- Andrew Medonos, producer, сomposer, writer. Dmitry Kruzhkovsky, sound engineer. Azyan, vocals. Maya, drums. Tsveta, Jew's-harp (Vargan). Ach, throat singing. Kunchari, RUS: ЫЫх (Skull Morienhur). Kykakacha, saucepan. Altynai, khomus (strings). Eugene, saxophone. 

- All songs digitally archived in the Polaris collection.


ABS-CBN Star Music (2022) - GM1

- BGYO (pronounced B-G-Y-O), is a five-member boy group under ABS-CBN's Star Music. Debuting in 2021, they were acclaimed as the "Aces of P-pop", being only the fifth Philippine artist to appear on the weekly Billboard Next Big Sound chart, and the first Philippine act to chart at number one.
- BGYO is composed of Angelo Troy G. Rivera (Gelo), Akira DG. Morishita (Akira), John Lloyd Toreliza (JL), Michael Claver Jr. (Mikki), and Nathaniel Porcalla (Nate). 
- Kundiman - Performed by BGYO. Music and lyrics by Akira Morishita and Jerwin Nicomendez.

He's Into Her - Performed by BGYO. Music and lyrics by Jonathan Manalo and Gabriel Tagadtad.

The Baddest - Performed by BGYO. Music and lyrics by Tha Aristocratz, Jonathan Manalo, TC Mack, Angelo Troy Rivera, and Akira Morishita.
- All songs digitally archived in the Polaris collection.


ABS-CBN Star Music (2022) - GM1

- BINI is an eight-member girl group under ABS-CBN's Star Music, officially debuting in 2021.
- BINI is composed of Jhoanna Christine Robles (Jhoanna), Maraiah Queen Arceta (Aiah), Nicolette Vergara (Colet), Mary Loi Yves Ricalde (Maloi), Gweneth L. Apuli (Gwen), Stacey Aubrey Sevilleja (Stacey), Mikhaela Janna Lim (Mikha), and Sheena Mae Catacutan (Sheena).

- Kapit Lang - Performed by BINI. Music and lyrics by Lian Kyla and Maraiah Queen Arceta.

Golden Arrow - Performed by BINI. Music and lyrics by Sabine Cerrado, Ma. Nicolette Vergara, Mariah Queen Arceta, Mikhaela Janna Lim, and Stacey Aubrey Sevilleja.

- All songs digitally archived in the Polaris collection.