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'There's nothing to compare it to' - Truro poet's work included in lunar time capsule (SaltWire, Nova Scotia - 28.May.24)

Lunar Codex - kolekcja dzieł sztuki poleci w kosmos / Lunar Codex - a collection of works of art will fly into space (Polskie Radio, Poland - 27.May.24

Objectif Lune / Objective Moon (Le Quotidien de l'Art, France - 27.May.24)

A first of its kind art exhibit inside United Church (CityNews video, Toronto - 27.May.24)

Moonbound Masterpieces: The Lunar Codex (Arkiv video - 27.May.24)

Obraz polskiego malarza leci na Księżyc! „Na początku myślałem, że to żart” / A painting by a Polish painter flies to the Moon! “I thought it was a joke at first.” (Radio Zlote Przeboje, Poland - 23.May.24)

月球密典: 打造月球上最豐富的美術館 / Lunar Codex creates the richest art gallery on the Moon (Ivy Newsletter, Taiwan - 23.May.24)

In Memoriam Rosario Bitanga-Peralta (National Museum of the Philippines - 19.May.24)

Modernist maestra Rosario Bitanga-Peralta dies at 89 (The Varsitarian, Philippines - 17.May.24)

Rosario "Charito" Bitanga-Peralta (Metropolitan Museum of Manila - 16.May.24)

"Lunar Codex", czyli jak kultura trafi na Księżyc / "Lunar Codex", or how culture will end up on the Moon (
TVP Lodz, Poland - 13.May.24)

Prace Darii Solar w Lunar Codex / Works by Daria Solar onboard Lunar Codex (TVP Lodz video, Poland - 13.May.24)

Peinture - Une Malgache envoie ses œuvres sur la Lune (L'Express de Madagascar - 10.May.24)

Projet Lunar Codex : Tara Shakti, unique malgache sélectionnée pour envoyer ses œuvres sur la Lune (Midi Madigaskara, Madagascar - 10.May.24)

Cinq oeuvres de Tara Shakti envoyées dans l’espace en l’honneur de l’humanité (2424.MG, Madagascar - 9.May.24)

Poets Cafe on KPFK - Samuel Peralta & the Lunar Codex (SoundCloud - 8.May.24)

In the Race for Space Metals, Companies Hope to Cash In (Undark - 8.May.24)

Mark Lipman Interviews Samuel Peralta: Poetry and a Trip to the Moon (KPFK 90.7 FM - 8.May.24)

The painting "The Coronation of King Ferdinand and Queen Maria. 1922" by Elena Bria, exhibited for the first time in the Republic of Moldova at MNIM (Aquarelle, Moldova - 8.May.24)

Cinq chefs-d’œuvre de Tara Shakti envoyés sur la lune / Five masterpieces by Tara Shakti to be sent to the Moon (Les Nouvelles / Newsmada, Madagascar - 4.May.24)

Art that's out of this world (Fleurieu News, Australia - 4.May.24)

Oceana Rain Stuart's Intimate Exploration of the Human Condition Transcends Time and Space (Articulate Magazine - 1.May.24)

Dalawang Pilipino na artist nangibabaw sa Art Vancouver 2024 / Two Philippine artists dominate at Art Vancouver 2024 (Radio Canada Balita, Vancouver - 18.Apr.24)


Mga obra ng Filipino-Japanese-Canadian artist ipapadala sa buwan / Works of Philippine-Japanese-Canadian artist being sent to the Moon (OMNI News video, Vancouver - 17.Apr.24)

Two Filipino Artists Shine at Art Vancouver: Karissa Narukami and William Orsua (
Philippine Consulate General, Canada - 17.Apr.24)

Artificial Intelligence versus/& Human Artists: AI as a Creative Collaborator in Art (Center for Art Law - 16.Apr.24)

Poetry in Porcelain (Mort Laitner blog - 12.Apr.24)

To The Moon! SoMA Executive Director’s Works Featured In NASA’s Moon Museum (Asia Pacific College, Philippines - 12.Apr.24)

Brother Wease interviews Bruce Ha (Radio 95.1 audio, Rochester - 9.Apr.24)

In honor of today’s solar eclipse, we’re reliving the time The Bennett Prize went to the moon! (Instagram - 8.Apr.24)

Portrait artist's work takes a journey to the moon (KTAL News video, Louisiana - 3.Apr.24)

Art works on the moon (The Siasat Daily, India - 3.Apr.24)

Free art class for children and youth comes to Burnaby this weekend, hosted by local artist (Burnaby Now - 29.Mar.24)

Burnaby artist celebrated during council meeting (Welland Tribune - 28.Mar.24)

Louisiana portrait artist’s work takes a journey to the moon (MyArkLaMiss Magazine, Arkansas-Louisiana-Mississippi - 28.Mar.24)

ILO-X Wide Field-of-View Instrument on the Moon Receives New Name “Lunar Codex” After Naming Rights Auction (International Lunar Observatory Association, Hawai'i - 28.Mar.24)

The NASA Lunar Codex Project is Sending the Work of a Shreveport Portrait Artist to the Moon (Shreveport News, Louisiana - 28.Mar.24)

Beth Patterson Is Over The Moon (Offbeat Magazine - 26.Mar.24)

Rochester inventor creates technology to share history in space (Spectrum News, NY - 26.Mar.24

In Conversation: Shirley Brewer, Ona Gritz, Zack Rogow, & Daniel Simpson - a lively discussion between poets, authors, and translators (Ivy Bookshop c/o The Baltimore Sun - 22.Mar.24)

Nanette Fluhr’s portraits are being included as part of a project in conjunction with NASA (Rutgers University - 22.Mar.24)

Time for a Showdown with Sunny Coast Showdown (Hello Sunshine Lifestyle Magazine, Issue #14, Australia - 21.Mar.24)

Schilderijen van Astrid tentoongesteld op de maan / Astrid's paintings exhibited on the Moon (Telegraaf- 21.Mar.24)

SA vrou se kuns na die maan / SA woman's art to the moon (OMNY FM Radio, South Africa - 20.Mar.24)

Listening to Mars by Sally Ashton (Metro Silicon Valley - 20.Mar.24)

Celebrating Andrew Luckett Jr.: A Legacy Cast to the Moon and Beyond (WMD Publishing - 20.Mar.24)

Spin Your Science: India Science Festival's science fiction writing competition 2024 winners (India Science Festival - 19.Mar.24)

Artist Sarah Warda has made history as the first Assyrian artist to have her art sent to the moon (Assyrian Cultural Foundation - 18.Mar.24)

DePauw's own Joe Heithaus has reached the moon! (DePauw University - 15.Mar.24)

Vallejo poet D.L. Lang to become intergalactically published (The Reporter, Vallejo, California - 14.Mar.24)

Alan Syliboy's artwork is now on the moon (CBC Mainstreet NS - 14.Mar.24)


This Mi'kmaw artwork will be on the moon forever (Halifax Times - 13.Mar.24)

South Florida Artist Lisa Botto Lee’s Art work Launches Into Range With Backup From SpaceX (South Florida Business & Wealth Magazine - Lifestyle - 11.Mar.24

Interview with Samuel Peralta and Alan Syliboy: Alan Syliboy's Artwork is Now on the Moon (CBC Radio's Mainstreet NS with Jeff Douglas - 11.Mar.24)

Mi'kmaw artwork will be on the moon forever (CBC News - 11.Mar.24)

Four pieces by Wicklow artist are now on the Moon – ‘chuffed is an understatement’ (Irish Independent - 8.Mar.24)

Fly me to the Moon: Alan Syliboy's art included in lunar time capsule (Salt News, Nova Scotia - 8.Mar.24)

The Lunar Codex: Artists, Authors, Filmmakers, and Musicians Dream (The DaVinci Pursuit Interview and Reading - 8.Mar.24)

Seven Highlands women and girls to celebrate on International Women's Day (Southern Highland News, Australia - 7.Mar.24)

From Canvas to Cosmos: Shan Fannin’s Artistic Odyssey (Amanda Reviews Cars - 7.Mar.24)

Odysseus moon lander carried poem by Rochester writer (The Niagara Gazette - 7.Mar.24)

Moonshots: The Successful Failure of Peregrine One (Sky & Telescope - 6.Mar.24)

Elizabeth's Barden's art lands on the moon (ABC Australia, article and audio - 6.Mar.24)

Body of work: Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus spacecraft successfully landed on the moon (Art Supply House - 6.Mar.24)

Odysseus mission deemed mostly a success (The Garden Island, Hawai'i - 6.Mar.24)

On the Moon (Writing, Ireland - 5.Mar.24)

Peaks and petals: Works by Nicole Finger and Kathryn Tatum (Telluride News - 5.Mar.24)

This Greenville artist's portraits will fly to the moon. Here's why. (The Post and Courier, South Carolina - 1.Mar.24)

Jersey Proud: New Jersey artist has her work sent to outer space
 (News 12 New Jersey, article and video - 29.Feb.24)

How My Fiction Writing Ended Up on the Moon (
Matador Network, Italy - 29.Feb.24)

Meet the Canadian company bringing you photos from the Moon (CTV News, Canada - 29.Feb.24)

ILOA receives first lunar surface and descent images from ILO-X aboard Intuitive Machines' IM-1 Nova-C lander Odysseus (International Lunar Observatory Association, Hawai'i - 29.Feb.24)

How My Fiction Writing Ended Up on the Moon (Matador Network - 29.Feb.24)

The Lunar Codex: An Interesting Mission To The Moon | Mission Includes Poetry, Music, Art Pieces (HUM News, Pakistan - 28.Feb.24)

Duluth artist’s work lands on moon in historic landing (Northern News Now - 27.Feb.24)

Successful Landing for Lunar Codex (Art Renewal Center, NJ - 26.Feb.24)

NAL member Sarah Warda featured on Newington Life Cover (Newington Art League - 26.Feb.24)

Odysseus moon lander carries poem from Rochester writer (Democrat and Chronicle, NY - 26.Feb.24)

A Soft Landing On The Moon And Cixin Liu’s Three Body Problem (3 Quarks Daily - 26.Feb.24)

Odysseus lander is on the Moon (Sky & Telescope - 26.Feb.24)

Brick Street poem rockets to the Moon (Current, Indiana - 25.Feb.24)

אחרי יותר מ-50 שנה: גשושית אמריקנית ראשונה נחתה על הירח 'American probe lands on moon' (Mako, Israel - 24.Feb.24)

My Creative Moon Expedition with Odysseus: Archived in the Lunar Codex (Kalpna Sing-Chitnis - 24.Feb.24

Duluth artwork included in lunar time capsule (WDIO ABC News - 24.Feb.24)

Tavonatti’s art reaches the moon (Iron Mountain Daily News - 24.Feb.24)

Amy Ordoveza's art is out of this world... literally! (
Argyle Fine Art - 24.Feb.24)

After more than 50 years: the first American probe landed on the moon (
Observatorial - 24.Feb.24)

Alan Neal interviews Mike Blouin: A bit of Ottawa on the Moon (CBC Radio - 23.Feb.24)

Lunar Codex - artworks archived on the Moon! (Acrylic and Light - 23.Feb.24)

Digital paintings by a Bulgarian artist are now on the moon (Radio Bulgaria - 23.Feb.24)

NASA has sent a digital copy of the painting “Roman Spring” by Georgian artist Bruno Vepkhvadze to the moon (JAM News, Armenia/Azerbaijan/Georgia - 23.Feb.24)

Soulful journey: Hari Lualhati's soulworks land on the Moon (YouTube - 23.Feb.24)

Creating History – The Lunar Codex Has Landed on the Moon! (
Yugen Quest Review Spring '24 - 23.Feb.24)

Bridgeland teacher's artwork to make Moon landing (Cypress Fairbanks - 22.Feb.24)

I feel like I’m dreaming. Samuel Peralta’s Lunar Codex Project is on the moon (BradRKunkle Instagram - 22.Feb.24)

Here's what just landed on the moon aboard Intuitive Machines' Odysseus lander ( - 22.Feb.24)

Odysseus moon landing updates: Nova-C makes first successful commercial lunar landing (
ABC News - 22.Feb.24)

Pourquoi des œuvres de Jeff Koons ont été envoyées sur la Lune (Courrier Picard, France - 22.Feb.24)

Fly me to the moon: mosaic mural is archived on first American moon landing in over 50 years (Tile Letter - 22.Feb.24)

Le plasticien Jeff Koons exposera bientôt sur la Lune (
Paris-Normandie - 22.Feb.24)

Back to the Moon! (
Dreaming in Japanese - 22.Feb.24)

Des oeuvres de Jeff Koons en route pour la Lune (L'Aisne Nouvelle, France - 22.Feb.24)

Exhibit at Grand Bohemian Gallery to feature photorealist artist (The Ponte Vedra Recorder, Florida - 22.Feb.24)

Jeff Koons! And Elon Musk! Sending art to the moon! (Dazed Digital - 22.Feb.24)

Art Collection Profile: The Peraltas’ Love of Realism (Fine Art Connoisseur - 21.Feb.24)

Painting by Georgian artist sent to the moon (Perild, Georgia - 16.Feb.24)

שיר עברי ראשון בחלל / 'First Hebrew Song in Space'
 (Calcalist, Israel - 18.Feb.24)

Un projet artistique sur la lune (Mairies Online, France - 17.Feb.24)

Espace : des œuvres de Jeff Koons bientôt sur la Lune? (FranceInfo article and audio - 16.Feb.24)

Del Mar artist's work to launch out of this world (NewsBreak - 14.Feb.24)

The Rochester poet’s work went to the moon (Local Stories NY - 13.Feb.24)

SpaceX set to launch Intuitive Machines IM-1 mission from Florida (NASA Space Flight - 13.Feb.24)

Rochester poet's work headed to the moon in Valentine's Day launch (Spectrum News 1 - 12.Feb.24)

Interview with artist Traci Wright Martin and Dr. Samuel Peralta, founder of the Lunar Codex (Snap Collective video - 11.Feb.24)

«Ich dachte erst, das sei ein Witz»: Das erste Schweizer Gemälde auf dem Mond – gemalt hat es eine Weinfelderin (Thurgauer Zeitung, Switzerland - 9.Feb.24)

Australian artist reproduces work for Lunar Codex time capsule (Narooma News Online - 9.Feb.24)

South Florida artist to leave mark on moon via Lunar Codex, NASA Artemis (WPLG Local 10 News - 9.Feb.24)

MAC grant recipient Traci Wright Martin is launching to the Moon (Metropolitan Arts Council - 8.Feb.24)

Dive into 'Dragonlore' (Borneo Bulletin - 8.Feb.24)

How one artist's painting was chosen for a time capsule going to the moon (Southern Highland News - 6.Feb.24)

19th Annual Scissortail Creative Writing Festival (East Central University News, Arkansas - 6.Feb.24)

Space for art, but not on the Moon (The Morning Peninsula News - 29.Jan.24)

Curated collection "Lunar Legacy" - inspired by the Lunar Codex (Kalisher - 28.Jan.24)

Monson Gallery Store ‘Meet The Artist’ features artist and entrepreneur Spencer (The Piscataquis Observer, Maine - 27.Jan.24)

The Lunar Codex Project: A Futuristic Time Capsule or Technological Puzzle? (Artabys, Tennessee - 25.Jan.24)

Reassert the Artist - Kleinhelter Gallery (Art Louisville - 19.Jan.24)

Local Author's Book Going to the Moon (YourTV Brockville-Smiths Falls video - 18.Jan.24)

Australian Art Bound For The Moon Aboard Lunar Codex Project Time Capsule (The Australian Business Journal - 15.Jan.24)

Lunar Codex: I’m Interplanetary! Well, My Books Are (Campfire Writing - 11.Jan.24)

North Grenville author’s book heading for the Moon
(The North Grenville Times - 11.Jan.24)

Utah author shooting for the moon still reaching for the stars after lunar lander misfires ( Salt Lake City, Utah - 11.Jan.24)

Peregrine's Failure Won’t Derail NASA’s Outsourced Space Dreams (Gizmodo - 20.Jan.24)

Laura H. Rubin on Art, Mythology, and the Lunar Codex (Magzoid Magazine, UAE - 10.Jan.24)

Moon lander mission in peril (InDaily, Australia - 9.Jan.24)

Australian art bound for the Moon aboard Lunar Codex project time capsule (ABC News video, Australia - 9.Jan.24)

Moon lading mission in jeopardy (IG News, Australia - 9.Jan.24)

First US Moon landing in decades appears doomed after 'critical' fuel leak in Peregrine lander. Here's how it has played out (ABC News, Australia - 8.Jan.24)

Australian art bound for the Moon aboard Lunar Codex project time capsule (ABC News, Australia - 8.Jan.24)

San Antonio artists' work headed to the Moon with the Lunar Codex (San Antonio Express News - 4.Jan.24)

Retrospectivă: Partea plină a anului. Oamenii și faptele de aur din 2023 (Adevarul, Romania - 1.Jan.24)

Out of this World: The Lunar Codex is set to launch a catalog of contemporary human creativity to the Moon (American Art Collector, Issue 219, January 2024 Edition)

Now, it’s America’s turn to land on the moon. Again. (The Hill - 31.Dec.23)


Позитивні підсумки-2023: найцікавіші культурні новини року: Гравюри української художниці летять на Місяць (Rayon Kultura, Ukraine - 30.Dec.23)

From the Wollongong to the moon, a time capsule filled with art (Illawarra Mercury, Australia - 26.Dec.23)

To infinity and beyond: How the work of artist and UOW graduate John Kennedy earned a place on a mission to the Moon (The Stand, University of Wollongong, Australia - 22.Dec.23)

Guest Post: The Lunar Codex by Samuel Peralta, PhD (Astrobotic - 19.Dec.23)

Heather Horton’s ‘Immersion’ Exhibition in Pasadena Delves Deep into Personal Triumphs and Artistic Depths (Pasadena Now - 19.Dec.23)

Un Français a (encore) été choisi pour envoyer son œuvre sur la Lune (Konbini, France - 18.Dec.23)

News from the Lunar Codex Project (PoetsArtists - 17.Dec.23)

Insolite : l’œuvre d’un peintre auvergnat bientôt exposée sur la Lune (Beaux Arts, France - 15.Dec.23)

De crepúsculos y retratos, la retrospectiva de la artista Miriam Molina (Noroeste, Mexico - 9.Dec.23)

Meet Ze Artists, le film d’animation fait son festival à Cannes (FranceTV Info - 6.Dec.23)

Rencontrez Ze Artists, le film d’animation est à son festival à Cannes (News Day France - 6.Dec.23)

Meet the Torontonian sending over 100,000 pieces of art into space (Canadian Review - 23.Nov.23)

Obraz, który poleci na Księżyc (Sztafeta, Poland - 19.Nov.23)

Interview and Poetry Reading with Samuel Peralta (Off the Bricks Podcast, Ep 39 - 16.Nov.23)

Nhóm nhạc có bài hát tồn tại 1 triệu năm trên... mặt trăng (Tiin, Vietnam - 20.Nov.23)

La creatività miniaturizzata della Terra arriverà sulla Luna: “Messaggio in bottiglia per le generazioni future” (La Repubblica, Italy - 15.Nov.23)

The Space Issue (New York Times Magazine - 12.Nov.23)

So What's In Space Right Now? (New York Times Magazine, interactive article - 8.Nov.23)

Traci Wright Martin to have artwork included in Lunar Codex project (Brian Country Patriot - 6.Nov.23)

SE alumna Traci Wright Martin to have artwork included in Lunar Codex project (Southeastern Oklahoma State University News - 6.Nov.23)

The Lunar Codex project is sending thousands of works of art to the Moon (Space Perspective- 1.Nov.23)

Samuel Peralta talks to the Insterstellar Foundation about the 'Lunar Codex' (Video of ISF Group Meeting - 30.Oct.23)

La NASA prevé enviar humanos al satélite de la Tierra por primera vez en más de 50 años. ¿Cómo los recibirá aquel paraje polvoso? (TN, Argentina - 28.Oct.23)

Mexicano de Playa del Carmen mandará una obra de arte a la Luna (TV Azteca Quintana Roo, Mexico - 25.Oct.23)

And finally in the art world... art that is out of this world (Lexology - 25.Oct.23)

Project Spotlight - The Lunar Codex (SETI AIR Newsletter - 24.Oct.23)

Howard Camner: The Moon Poems Reading (Poets & Writers - 23.Oct.23)

Author to visit Putnam before poetry flies to moon (Palatka Daily News - 21.Oct.23)

Pasadena artist shares her journey through her art (Hello SoCal - 20.Oct.23)

The Road to Recovery: Heather Horton Finds Peace Through Art (Pasadena Weekly p. 9 - 19.Oct.23)

Frankfurt: Malaysia Introduces an Anthology, ‘Dragonlore’ (Publishing Perspectives - 13.Oct.23)

Art Immersion: Heather Horton's new art exhibition is stopping in Pasadena before launching to its next destination: the moon (Pasadena Magazine - 13.Oct.23)

Internationally recognized Shelter Island artist passes away: Janet Culbertson’s work was a message to the world (Shelter Island Reporter - 10.Oct.23)

Captivating Art Exhibition, ‘Immersion,’ By Heather Horton, To Debut At Whimsy Pasadena (Pasadena Now - 10.Oct.23)

For the Record: 'What we have done here is the most global, the most diverse, the most expansive project of its kind' (Physics World p. 5 - 7.Oct.23)

Heather Horton shares her art for her upcoming Pasadena show, 'Immersion' (CBS News Los Angeles, KCAL Video - 7.Oct.23)

ILOA precursor ILO-X payload is fully integrated aboard Intuitive Machines' Nova-C lunar lander (International Lunar Observatory Association, Hawai'i - 4.Oct.23)

NASA says we might be living on the moon by 2040 (Dazed Digital - 3.Oct.23)

Mortazavi’s art heading to the Moon in ‘Lunar Codex’ (Westmount Independent, p. 20 & 28, Canada - 3.Oct.23)

Traci Wright Martin: A Milestone on the Moon (Town Carolina - 3.Oct.23)

Kunstwerke werden zum Mond geschossen (Westdeutsch Zeitung - 2.Oct.23)

Worshipping a divine AI and turning outer space into an art gallery (Australian Broadcasting Company, Codex interview @23:00 - 1.Oct.23)

Dự án Lunar Codex gửi lên Mặt trăng tác phẩm của 30.000 nghệ sĩ (TiaSang, Vietnam - 29.Sep.23)

À défaut d’y planter son drapeau, l’artiste bretonne Ornélie envoie une sculpture sur la Lune (Konbini, France - 27.Sep.23)

Obra de artista plástico quintanarroense viajará en cápsula del tiempo rumbo a la luna (Por-Que, Mexico - 27.Sep.23)

The Lunar Codex: Γιατι Η Ανθρωποτητα Στελνει "Μολυβια" Στη Σεληνη (Pencil on the Moon, Greece - 26.Sep.23)

Ihr Bild fliegt bald bis zum Mond (NWZonline, Germany - 26.Sep.23)

La luna, convertida en un gran museo de arte contemporaneo (La Vanguardia, Spain - 24.Sep.23)

Moon Rush (Smithsonian Air & Space Quarterly - 20.Sep.23)

Samuel Peralta: On Anthologies, The Lunar Codex, and Doing It All (Campfire Writing - 20.Sep.23)

30.000 obras de arte serán enviadas a la luna en un proyecto de Samuel Peralta (Oldskull Art/Illustration/Design, Spain - 19.Sep.23)

Book Nook: Jerilyn Dufresne - her novels, the Lunar Codex, and more (Muddy River News Podcast - 19.Sep.23)

Icelandic art goes to the Moon (RÚV English Podcast, Iceland - 18.Sep.23)

Lunar Codex : de la musique sur la lune? (Juste Milieu, France - 14.Sep.23)

Spin Your Science Contest (Locus - 12.Sep.23)

Na Měsíci vzniká nový archiv. Má uchovat 30 tisíc digitalizovaných uměleckých děl (Pozitivni Zpravy, Czechoslovakia - 8.Sep.23)

„Lunar Codex” wyśle dzieła ponad 30 tys. artystów na Księżyc (Mobirank, Poland - 7.Sep.23)

アート作品を月に送るプロジェクト「The Lunar Codex」に日本画家三森麻理亜が選出されました。NASA、Space X、Astrobotic、DHLらがプロジェクトに参画。 (Oricon News, Japan - 7.Sep.23)

달에 예술 작품 타임캡슐 보내려는 프로젝트 (Tech Recipe, Korea - 7.Sep.23)

アート作品を月に送るプロジェクト「The Lunar Codex」に日本画家三森麻理亜が選出されました。NASA、Space X、Astrobotic、DHLらがプロジェクトに参画。 (Big Globe, Japan - 6.Sep.23)

The Lunar Codex: Preserving Human Creativity on the Moon (TS2 News, Poland - 5.Sep.23)

Comment (et pourquoi) 30 000 œuvres vont-elles être envoyées sur la Lune ? (Konbini, France - 4.Sep.23)

Canadian physicist compiles collection of 30,000 artists: Lunar Codex reaches space on three unmanned rockets (Archyde - 3.Sep.23)

Lunar Codex {Le opere di migliaia di artisti creativi lanciate in capsule temporali sulla Luna} (Yazu, Italy - 1.Sep.23)

Ponga un museo en la Luna (Architectura Viva, Spain - 1.Sep.23)

The ‘Lunar Codex’ Is Sending Works from More than 30,000 Artists to the Moon (Colossal Art - 31.Aug.23)

Local author’s novels are bound for the stars (WGEM - 29.Aug.23)

The Lunar Codex Will Digitize the Work of 30,000 Artists, and Then Archive Them on the Moon (Open Culture - 29.Aug.23)

Arte na lua: físico canadense faz do satélite natural uma galeria de arte para 30 mil artistas
 (Artsoul Brazil - 27.Aug.23)

Como a "Lunar Codex " pretende mudar a Lua para sempre (CNN Portugal - 27.Aug.23)

Lunar Codex, un musée numérique dans l’espace destiné aux générations futures (Arab News en Francais - 27.Aug.23)

Estamos criando continuidade ou nos preparando para a extinção? (Medium / Barbosa - 27.Aug.23)

Ponga un museo en la Luna (El Pais / Babelia, Spain - 26.Aug.23)

The Lunar Codex Will Archive the Work of 30,000 Artists—on the Moon (Metafilter - 26.Aug.23)

Kunsten til Frøydis skal lagres på månen (NRK, Norway - 26.Aug.23)

Projeto quer levar 30 mil obras de arte para o espaço em 'cápsula do tempo' para gerações futuras; fotos (O Globo, Brazil - 26.Aug.23)

Women Painters of Washington are making history (Cascadia Daily, Bellingham - 26.Aug.23)

What art would you send to the Moon? (ArtCloud video - 25.Aug.23)

David Dephy of EBS-Brooklyn Has Original Poetry Included in Lunar Codex Project (AHRC New York - 25.Aug.23)

Library and Literary News: Creation of the Lunar Codex (Library Thing - 23.Aug.23)

次の世につなぐために…月にアートを送る計画「Lunar Codex」 (Gizmodo Japan - 23.Aug.23)

LaFollette author's poetry is going to the moon (LaFollette Press, Tennessee - 21.Aug,23)

A time capsule will put thousands of pieces of art on the moon (Audacy audio, KCBS Radio, San Francisco - 20.Aug.23)

Umetniška zbirka na Luno (Dnevnik, Slovenia - 19.Aug.23)

Pink Floyd song is recreated from brain activity, sending art to the Moon (Physics World - 18.Aug.23)

Bay Area artist featured in 'Lunar Codex' time capsule to the moon (FOX News KTVU - 18.Aug.23)

Lunar CodexTaking Art to the Moon (Technality video explainer - 18.Aug.23)

ارسال آثار ۳۰۰۰۰ هنرمند به ماه در پروژه Lunar Codex (Roozrang, Iran - 17.Aug.23)

Lunar Codex – Wenn ein Stück der eigenen Kunst auf dem Mond landet (Deutschlandfunk Kultur - 17.Aug.23)

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Greenville artist’s works will be launched to the moon in 2024 (Greenville Journal, South Carolina - 13.Aug.23)

Hablamos con el físico que enviará a la Luna una cápsula del tiempo con arte, que incluye obras argentinas (TN, Argentina - 12.Aug.23)

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Digital works from 30,000 artists to be stored on the Moon (Kiwi Kids News, New Zealand - 9.Aug.23)

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30.000 œuvres d’art s’envolent pour la Lune : une aventure mi-poétique, mi-marchande (Le Figaro, France - 8.Aug.23)

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“Lunar Codex” o el deseo del más allá: 30.000 obras de arte viajarán a la Luna en una cápsula del tiempo (La Nacion, Spain - 4.Aug.23)

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 (Veintitres, Argentina - 3.Aug.23)

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ฝากศิลปะไว้กับดวงจันทร์ ข้อความถึงชนรุ่นหลังหากโลกล่มสลาย (PPTV Online, Thailand - 2.Aug.23)

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Arta ajunge pe Lună. Lucrări realizate de 30.000 de artişti, scriitori, muzicieni şi regizori fac parte din proiectul Lunar Codex (Aleph News, Romania - 1.Aug.23)

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News 12's Eric Landskroner interviews artist Nanette Fluhr (News 12 New Jersey video interview - 20.Mar.23)

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Moon beams (Grand Rapids Business Journal - 17.Mar.23)

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Michael Blouin's 'Skin House' in Space (Rogers TV - video, 24.Jan.23)

The self-portrait of a Galățian, sent to the Moon, in a time capsule (Viata Libera - Romania, 24.Jan.23)

Paintings by 21-year-old Romanian included in NASA’s Lunar Codex project (Romania Insider, 23.Jan.23)

Minnesota artist's work will be turned into fashion — and sent to moon (Bemidji Pioneer, Minnesota, 15.Jan.23)

The Art Renewal Center Is Honoring the Best of Realist Art - by Sending the Winners of its Annual Competition to the Moon (Artnet, 10.Jan.23)

Duluth artist’s painting included in Moon time capsule (WDIO ABC News, 10.Jan.23)

Bigfoot va marcher sur la Lune (Paris Match, 10.Jan.23)

One small step for man, one giant step for Bigfoot: Fremont artist's sasquatch sculpture to be archived on Moon  (WTOL11 News, 9.Jan.23)

Around the Circle this Week: To the Moon (Lake Superior Magazine, 5.Jan.23)

'Standing alone with namaste': A poem headed for the Moon (iGlobal - The Voice of Global Indians, 5.Jan.23)

'To infinity and beyond': Minnesota painting to live on moon in perpetuity (MPR News, 4.Jan.23)

Duluth artist's painting headed to star-studded gallery — on the moon (Star Tribune, 3.Jan.23)

Penyair Ninot Aziz Bakal Cipta Sejarah, Puisi Bakal Diterbangkan Ke Bulan (Budiey - Malaysia, 30.Dec.22)

Malaysian author-poet Ninot Aziz's poems set to be sent to the Moon (The Star - Malaysia, 28.Dec.22)

Kelly Kaur Goes to the Moon (Canadian Writers Abroad, 12.Dec.22)

Book Review: Letters to Singapore - Indian Girls are Meant for More than Arranged Marriages (Asia Media International, 8.Dec.22)

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Legends of the Moon: exhibition with the Lunar Codex (Grid Philly, 2.Dec.22)

“Legends of the Moon” Presented By Era Contemporary Gallery + Interview (Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, 21.Nov.22)

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San Ramon Artist Showing in Dublin's 'No Boundaries' Exhibition (Patch News - Dublin, California, 27.Oct.22)

Modernist maestra Rosario Bitanga’s works are headed for the moon (ABS-CBN News, 9.Oct.22)

To the moon, Ariane: B.C. artist included in out-of-this-world collection (Global News, 27.Sep.22)

To The Moon! SoMA Executive Director’s Works Featured In NASA’s Moon Museum (APC News, 3.Sep.22)

Nanette Fluhr Interviewed by Della Crews on News 12 NJ (News 12 New Jersey, 22.Aug.22)

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s Interstellar Legacy: An Interview With Lunar Codex Founder Dr. Samuel Peralta (Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, 5.Aug.22)

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Artist Mariah Kaminsky celebrates series with pop-up show (Durango Herald, 22.Jul.22)

Sendir málverk til tunglsins / Sending a painting to the moon (Skessuhorn, 22.Jul.22)

Leslie da Bassi looming jõuab koostöös NASA-ga Kuule / Leslie da Bass's creation reaches the moon in collaboration with NASA (ERR Kultuur - Estonia, 20.Jul.22)

Leslie Da Bass läheb kuule / Leslie Da Bass goes to the moon (Postimees - Estonia, 20.Jul.22)

In Perpetuity: Artwork in the annual Painting the Figure Now exhibition captures and preserves the human experience (American Art Collector Online, 1.Jul.22)

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Writer Kelly Kaur bases debut novel on experiences as a newcomer to Calgary (Calgary Herald, 11.Jun.22)

Founder of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine – Danijela Krha Purssey – curates new exhibition for NERAM and launches into space (Armidale Express via BBM, 10.Jun.22)

BINI, named by Rolling Stone as one of Spotify’s Radar’s rising global artists, go to the Moon (Manila Bulletin, 9.Jun.22)

Moira, BINI, BGYO, Angela Ken to send their songs to the moon via Lunar Codex (, 8.Jun.22)

Moira Dela Torre’s ‘Malaya’ and BGYO’s ‘The Baddest’ among OPM songs being sent to the Moon in time capsules (NME Music News, 8.Jun.22)

Moira Dela Torre, Angela Ken, BGYO, BINI to launch songs to the moon in 2023 (Rappler, 8.Jun.22)

Moira Dela Torre to send song to the moon... (Philstar, 7.Jun.22)

Interview with Samuel Peralta of the Lunar Codex (Kim Carson Video Interview, 14.May.22)

The Lunar Codex with Samuel Peralta (The Inspired Painter Podcast with Jessica Libor, 7.May.22)

Fine Art, from NYC to the Moon (Fine Art Connoisseur, 6.May.22)

Peste 15.000 de opere de artă, printre care și povestirea unui scriitor român, vor fi trimise și îngropate pe Lună (Article & video, Știrile Pro-TV Romania, 4.May.22)

Danijela Purssey talks about Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and the Lunar Codex Project (The Gallerist Speaks, 16.Apr.22)

Recordings of Gori Women's Choir ensemble included in first sending of arts to the Moon in 50 years (Agenda.Georgia, 11.Apr.22)

L’artista dal Messico allo Spazio. «Porto le mie opere sulla Luna» (Il Giornale Di Vicenza, 10.Apr.22)

The paintings from Nanette Fluhr will be going into space in a time capsule to the moon in 2023 (Video, News 12 New Jersey, 10.Apr.22)

Fenville man sending art to the Moon (Video, ABC 13 On Your Side, 7.Apr.22)

This Very Jewish Painting Is Heading to the Moon: Shabbat in space! (Hey Alma Newsletter, 6.Apr.22)

Sky's the limit (Video, WIN News Twownsville, Australia, 29.Mar.22)

Fennville painter's work headed to space as part of 'museum on the moon' (Holland Sentinel, 25.Mar.22)

Indian-American Poet’s work to take off for the moon (Indian Star, 16.Mar.22)

Red Bank Artist's Work Moon-Bound (Red Bank Green, 14.Mar.22)

Fly me to the Moon: Wexford artist Martina Mcateer is headed to the Moon (Southeast Radio - Morning Mix with Alex Corcoran, 11.Mar.22)

Sudbury artist's work heading to Moon (CBC Sudbury - Up North with Jonathan Pinto, 10.Mar.22)

Jersey City writer’s co-edited ‘The Medusa Project’ is headed to the moon (, 9.Mar.22)

Out of this world as painting by Wexford artist chosen for time capsule to the moon (Independent Wexford Regional News, 8.Mar.22)

Ernie Dingo's watercolour artworks heading to 'Museum on the Moon' (NITV News, 25.Feb.22)

Canberra artist Janet Thatcher's artwork heads to moon as part of Lunar Codex project (The Canberra Times, 15.Feb.22)

Bihari American Poet’s Work Is Headed For the Moon! (India Currents, 15.Feb.22)

Two Louisville Artists Are Sending Their Work To The Moon, And They’re Among The First Women To Do So (Leo Weekly Arts & Culture, 11.Feb.22)

An otherworldly experience: Prof and student to put poetry on the Moon (DePauw Stories, 28.Jan.22)

The Lunar Codex aims to ‘spread hope during this dark time’ — Westerlo art to land on the moon (Altamont Enterprise, 25.Jan.22)

Lunar Poetry: Purdue continues a legacy of leaving relics on the moon (Purdue Exponent, 18.Jan.22)

Indian-American Poet and Filmmaker Kalpna Singh-Chitnis' Work Goes to the Moon (EIN NASA News Today, 13.Jan.22)

Local artist makes history on the moon (The Upstater, 1.13.22)

Poet and Filmmaker Kalpna Singh-Chitnis' Work Goes to the Moon (EIN Newswire, 13.Jan.22)

Australian Artist Graeme Stevenson Is Heading to Space  (Park West Art & Gallery News, 12.23.21)

11 paintings by former Yukon artist heading to the moon  (World Republic News, 12.18.21)

CBC Yukon interview to join Lunar Codex, and head to the moon (CBC News, 12.18.21)

Art on the moon (Podcast Interview, CBC Radio - Airplay with David White, 12.17.21)

We're Flying to the Moon: Samuel Peralta Chats with Graeme Stevenson (Video interview, Colour in Your Life, 12.16.21)

Miami student’s painting heading to the moon: a Q-and-A with Preston Anderson (Miami U News & Events, 12.9.21)

CIYL to the Moon with SpaceX, Lunar Codex and NASA (Video article, Colour in Your Life, 12.8.21)

Graeme Stevenson: the Australian artist whose work is heading into outer space (ABC Radio Brisbane, 12.7.21)

Art Goes to the Moon (Video interview, ArtsyShark, 11.29.21)

Jersey City Poet and Author Megha’s Sood Editorial Anthology “The Medusa Project” is heading for the moon (Hudson Reporter, 11.24.21)

Jersey City Poet's "The Medusa Project" is heading for the Moon (New Jersey Stage, 11.22.21)

Australian TV series to rocket to the Moon with Space X and NASA (Colour In Your Life, 11.18.21)

Artist’s Painting to be Launched to Moon for Lunar Codex Project (Remodern Review, 11.10.21)

Cypress Artist’s Painting to be Launched to Moon for Lunar Codex Project (Houston Chronicle, 11.8.21)

Lebanese Writer’s Poem Selected For The Lunar Codex Time Capsule (The 961, 9.17.21)

Savannah artists June Stratton, Karen Bradley to join 'museum on the moon' — The Lunar Codex (Savannah Morning News, 8.3.21)

Museum on the Moon - Armenian artist's poem heading to space (The Armenian Report, 9.21.21)

Contemporary Realism: Important 21st Century Works - Including Works from the Lunar Codex (Sotheby's, 7.26.21)

Apple Valley artist JuliAnne Jonker's work in first Sotheby’s online auction for 21st century realism (Sun - This Week, 7.22.21)

‘That’s Pretty Cool’: Artist’s Painting Among Creative Works Headed To The Moon (CBS Los Angeles, 7.6.21)

Over The Moon: Houston Area Teacher's Art Selected For Lunar Time Capsule (Living Magazine, 6.26.21)

To the Moon, Alice! (Nancy Hines Fine Art Blog, 6.26.21)

To the Moon: Durango Artist’s Painting to be Launched in Space as Part of Lunar Time Capsule
The Durango Herald, 6.24.21)

Casey Thornton’s Reminisce headed for the moon (Busselton Dunsborough Times, 6.16.21)

Painting by CG Area Artist Selected for Moon-Bound Art Project (Casa Grande Dispatch, 6.12.21)

The Art Side of the Moon: Local Couple's Artwork Headed to Lunar Surface (The Daily Sentinel, 6.11.21)

23 Works from the 15th International ARC Salon Exhibition Headed to Moon (HashtagArtMag, 6.11.21)

Selected ARC Exhibition Works included in Lunar Codex (Art Renewal Center, 6.8.21)

Victoria Artist Sending Paintings to the Moon (CHEK News, 6.1.21)

The Lunar Codex / Artists on the Moon Includes Shelter Exhibit (Hashtag Art Magazine, 31.May.21)

Victoria Artist Over the Moon about his Paintings Being Launched into Space (CBC News, 30.May.21)

B.C. Artist's Paintings Bound for Galactic Gallery on the Moon (Maple Ridge News, 28.May.21)

Works of Filipino Artists are Headed to the Moon (CNN Life Philippines, 28.May.21)

Moonstruck (Faith and Fear in Flushing, 27.May.21)

Victoria Artist's Paintings Bound for Galactic Gallery on the Moon (Victoria News, 27.May.21)

Art On The Moon: Agnes Arellano talks about being part of the Lunar Codex (ARGO Collection video, 16.May.21)

Up And Away: Gromyko Semper’s Artistic Journey, From Cabanatuan To The Moon (Lifestyle Asia, 12.May.21)

Moon Museum: The Works Of Filipino Artists And Writers Will Be On NASA’s Next Lunar Landing (Lifestyle Asia, 3.May.21)

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Photo of Sausalito artist’s sculpture heads to the moon with other women’s work (Marin Independent Journal, 24.Apr.21)

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Philippine Artists and Authors On a Time Capsule to the Moon
(Ganda Negosyo, 19.Apr.21)

First Indian Woman Artist’s Painting going to the Moon (DESIblitz, 18.Apr.21)

The Bennett Prize is Going to the Moon! (The Bennett Art Collection Podcast, 17.Apr.21)

Artists' work to be sent to the Moon (WEAU News, 11.Apr.21)

Spacecraft to send Apple Valley artist's painting to the Moon (Fox 9 News article and video, 7.Apr.21)

Apple Valley Artist's Work To Be Sent To The Moon (Patch, 7.Apr.21)

Indian artist Solar Renekal-Ramnath's 'Sisterhood' heads to the Moon: artwork to be part of The Peregrine Collection (The Tribune, India, 5.Apr.21)

Apple Valley artist’s painting going to the moon: Peregrine Collection to be launched into space later this year (Sun This Week, 2.Apr.21)

Elizabeth Barden 'over the Moon' as two figurative realism portraits chosen for Astrobotic lunar landing (ABC News Australia, 2.Apr.21)

Fairview painter's work going to the Moon (Mountain Xpress, 31.Mar.21)

Abington writer is 'over the moon' about anthology selection (Montgomery News - Ambler Gazette, 25.Mar.21)

Toronto man sending time capsule to the Moon in an attempt to spread joy (blogTO, 25.Mar.21)

Sending a time capsule to the Moon (99.1 FM, CBC Radio 1 -  Here and Now Toronto with Gill Deacon, 17.Mar.21)

A time capsule with "Peregrine Collection" scheduled for launch to the Moon in late 2021 (The Ritz Herald, 15.Mer.21)

Interview with Samuel Peralta (AMI Kelly & Co. Podcast, 15.Mar.21)

Art from Elmira is going to the Moon
(WEMT, 14.Mar.21)

Going where no man has gone before: meeting the Sri Lankan writers whose work is going to the Moon this year
(The Sunday Morning, 13.Mar.21)

On a time capsule to the Moon with 1200 artists and one A.I. (AP News, 11.Mar.21)

Lunar art that's going out of this world (MPNews Australia, 9.Mar21)

Bengali youths to land on the Moon in 2021 (Bengali News India, 2.Mar.21)

Art on a mission to the Moon with Dr. Samuel Peralta (Video interview, The Artist Next Level, 5.Feb.21)

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Letran alumnus sending Colegio's 400th Anniversary score and lyrics to the Moon (The Lance, 22.Jan.21)

Tranquility in Troubling Times (Fine Art Connoisseur, 1.Sep.20)

PoetsArtists + 33 Contemporary “Shelter” Curated by Dr. Samuel Peralta (Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, 18.Jun.20)


Image by History in HD

The Future Chronicles

The Lunar Codex includes the entire catalogue of The Future Chronicles. with series editor Dr. Peralta. Each themed volume brings together work from new authors and the grandmasters of modern speculative fiction, including Robert J. Sawyer, Seanan McGuire, Ken Liu, and Hugh Howey.

> PoetsArtists

The Lunar Codex catalogue of art includes digitized art pieces from the PoetsArtists catalogues, curated by Didi Menendez and guest curators, including Dr. Peralta. PoetsArtists artists are in permanent collections of major museums, including the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM).

> The Bennett Prize

The Lunar Codex includes digitized art pieces from artists from The Bennett Prize catalogue. The Prize is intended to propel the careers of women painters who have not yet realized full professional recognition, empowering new artists and those who have painted for many years, awarding $50,000 to enable freedom to create a solo exhibition of figurative realist paintings, which will travel the country.

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