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Art Goes to the Moon (Video interview, ArtsyShark, 11.29.21)

Jersey City Poet and Author Megha’s Sood Editorial Anthology “The Medusa Project” is heading for the moon (Hudson Reporter, 11.24.21)

Jersey City Poet's "The Medusa Project" is heading for the Moon (New Jersey Stage, 11.22.21)

Australian TV series to rocket to the Moon with Space X and NASA (Colour In Your Life, 11.18.21)

Savannah artists June Stratton, Karen Bradley to join 'museum on the moon' — The Lunar Codex (Savannah Morning News, 8.3.21)

Contemporary Realism: Important 21st Century Works - Including Works from the Lunar Codex (Sotheby's, 7.26.21)

Apple Valley artist JuliAnne Jonker's work in first Sotheby’s online auction for 21st century realism (Sun - This Week, 7.22.21)

‘That’s Pretty Cool’: Artist’s Painting Among Creative Works Headed To The Moon (CBS Los Angeles, 7.6.21)

To the Moon, Alice! (Nancy Hines Fine Art Blog, 6.26.21)

To the Moon: Durango Artist’s Painting to be Launched in Space as Part of Lunar Time Capsule
The Durango Herald, 6.24.21)

Painting by CG Area Artist Selected for Moon-Bound Art Project (Casa Grande Dispatch, 6.12.21)

The Art Side of the Moon: Local Couple's Artwork Headed to Lunar Surface (The Daily Sentinel, 6.11.21)

23 Works from the 15th International ARC Salon Exhibition Headed to Moon (HashtagArtMag, 6.11.21)

Selected ARC Exhibition Works included in Lunar Codex (Art Renewal Center, 6.8.21)

Victoria Artist Sending Paintings to the Moon (CHEK News, 6.1.21)

The Lunar Codex / Artists on the Moon Includes Shelter Exhibit (Hashtag Art Magazine, 5.31.21)

Victoria Artist Over the Moon about his Paintings Being Launched into Space (CBC News, 5.30.21)

B.C. Artist's Paintings Bound for Galactic Gallery on the Moon (Maple Ridge News, 5.28.21)

Works of Filipino Artists are Headed to the Moon (CNN Life Philippines, 5.28.21)

Victoria Artist's Paintings Bound for Galactic Gallery on the Moon (Victoria News, 5.27.21)

Moon Museum: The Works Of Filipino Artists And Writers Will Be On NASA’s Next Lunar Landing (Lifestyle Asia, 5.3.21)

Philippine Artists and Authors On a Time Capsule to the Moon (Tekkie Pinas, 4.28.21)

Blogger Q&A with Samuel Peralta (Video interview, YouTube, 4.28.31)

Photo of Sausalito artist’s sculpture heads to the moon with other women’s work (Marin Independent Journal, 4.24.21)

Moon bound: Local artist’s piece heading to space (Telluride Daily Planet, 4.23.21)

Philippine Artists and Authors On a Time Capsule to the Moon
(Ganda Negosyo, 4.19.21)

First Indian Woman Artist’s Painting going to the Moon (DESIblitz, 4.18.21)

The Bennett Prize is Going to the Moon! (The Bennett Art Collection Podcast, 4.17.21)

Artists' work to be sent to the Moon (WEAU News, 4.11.21)

Spacecraft to send Apple Valley artist's painting to the Moon (Fox 9 News article and video, 4.7.21)

Apple Valley Artist's Work To Be Sent To The Moon (Patch, 4.7.21)

Indian artist Solar Renekal-Ramnath's 'Sisterhood' heads to the Moon: artwork to be part of The Peregrine Collection (The Tribune, India, 4.5.21)

Apple Valley artist’s painting going to the moon: Peregrine Collection to be launched into space later this year (Sun This Week, 4.2.21)

Elizabeth Barden 'over the Moon' as two figurative realism portraits chosen for Astrobotic lunar landing (ABC News Australia, 4.2.21)

Toronto man sending time capsule to the Moon in an attempt to spread joy (blogTO, 3.25.21)

Fairview painter's work going to the Moon (Mountain Xpress)

Abington writer is 'over the moon' about anthology selection (Montgomery News - Ambler Gazette)

Sending a time capsule to the Moon (99.1 FM, CBC Radio 1 -  Here and Now Toronto with Gill Deacon, 3.17.21)

A time capsule with "Peregrine Collection" scheduled for launch to the Moon in late 2021 (The Ritz Herald, 3.15.21)

Going where no man has gone before: meeting the Sri Lankan writers whose work is going to the Moon this year (The Sunday Morning)

Art from Elmira is going to the Moon (WEMT)

On a time capsule to the Moon with 1200 artists and one A.I. (Business News Week)

Lunar art that's going out of this world (MPNews Australia, 3.09.21)

Bengali youths to land on the Moon in 2021 (Bengali News India)

Interview with Samuel Peralta (AMI Kelly & Co. Podcast)

Writers launching a time capsule to the Moon (Ex Terra Journal of Space Commerce)

Author Samuel Peralta's books launching on Peregrine Lunar Lander to the Moon (

Going to the Moon (Blog Andrea Luhman)

Letran alumnus sending Colegio's 400th Anniversary score and lyrics to the Moon (The Lance)

One Canadian author's books are being sent to the Moon (Curiocity)

Art on a mission to the Moon with Dr. Samuel Peralta (Video interview, The Artist Next Level, 2.5.21)


Author Samuel Peralta's books launching on Peregrine Lunar Lander to the Moon (PRweb)

Press release: The Peregrine Collection


Image by History in HD

The Future Chronicles

The Lunar Codex includes the entire catalogue of The Future Chronicles. with series editor Dr. Peralta. Each themed volume brings together work from new authors and the grandmasters of modern speculative fiction, including Robert J. Sawyer, Seanan McGuire, Ken Liu, and Hugh Howey.

> PoetsArtists

The Lunar Codex catalogue of art includes digitized art pieces from the PoetsArtists catalogues, curated by Didi Menendez and guest curators, including Dr. Peralta. PoetsArtists artists are in permanent collections of major museums, including the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM).

> The Bennett Prize

The Lunar Codex includes digitized art pieces from artists from The Bennett Prize catalogue. The Prize is intended to propel the careers of women painters who have not yet realized full professional recognition, empowering new artists and those who have painted for many years, awarding $50,000 to enable freedom to create a solo exhibition of figurative realist paintings, which will travel the country.

> Writers on the Moon

Our project has benefited greatly from the inspiration of Dr. Susan Kaye Quinn and the Writers on the Moon collective - where Dr. Peralta joined 125 authors in an independent time capsule project. Dr. Peralta's contribution, Manifest 9, forms a core of books for PM1.

> Future Grind

The project was fortunate to have sourced payload space for much of our PM1 Art section through Ryan O'Shea's Future Grind, ​a media company focusing on advanced technology.

> Astrobotic Technology

Astrobotic Technology is a space logistics company that delivers payloads to the Moon.  Its spacecraft accommodates multiple clients, offering cost-effectiveness and flexibility, and its partnership with DHL was provided the infrastructure for our PM1 time capsule.

> Intuitive Machines

Intuitive Machines is a private company founded to provide autonomous systems for industrial systems, drones, spacecraft modeling and simulation services. Its payload-as-a-service partners provided the infrastructure for our IM1 time capsule.