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Chronicles of a Future Foretold -Resized_20210427_135833.jpeg

The Lunar Codex uses digital and analog technology to preserve art, books, music, and more, enclosed in time capsules and launched to the Moon. It is a message-in-a-bottle to the future.

Curatorial Notes


This section documents back-up files in the Polaris Collection for all Lunar Codex documents and images sent on previous missions.

Polaris also provides a back-up for the Writers on the Moon files, sent as an independent project on Peregrine Mission One.

Finally, at the intersection of art and science, the collection includes a representative example each of a peer-reviewed scientific paper, an issued U.S. patent, and the first draft of a unique book of poetry - a collaboration between Dr. Peralta, as his poetic persona Semaphore, and the A.I. poet OSUN.


LunarCodexLogo_2023 copy.png
THE PEREGRINE COLLECTION - Back-Up Copy in The Polaris Collection

Lunar Codex (2022) - GM1

- The entire contents of the Lunar Codex's Peregrine Collection, part of Astrobotic Technologies' Peregrine Mission One (PM1), via DHL Moonbox, and consisting of digital files on multiple memory cards, is reproduced in digital and/or analog format in The Polaris Collection, on Griffin Mission One (GM1).
- The Peregrine Collection curated by Samuel Peralta

- All items in the Lunar Codex marked PM1 are also archived as GM1. 


LunarCodexLogo_2023 copy.png
THE NOUA COLLECTION - Back-Up Copy in The Polaris Collection

Lunar Codex (2023) - GM1

- The entire contents of the Lunar Codex's Νουα Collection, part of NASA mission CPLS-1 XM-1, via Galactic Legacy Labs / Lunaprise, and consisting of analog images on nickel-based nanofiche, is reproduced in digital and/or analog format in The Polaris Collection, on Griffin Mission One (GM1).
- The Νουα Collection curated by Samuel Peralta
- All items in the Lunar Codex marked XM1 are also archived as GM1.

WOTM MoonChip.jpg

Writers on the Moon (2021) - PM1, GM1

- Payload coordinator Dr. Susan Kaye Quinn, assisted by Noelle Gausens

- Writers on the Moon (WOTM) is a sister project of the Lunar Codex, and is part of Peregrine Mission One. This entry is a back-up of the WOTM contributor listing.
- Contributions from (Manifest number + Author)

1 Susan Kaye Quinn ▪ 2 Julien Morgan ▪ 3 Jaden Wilkes ▪ 4 Bron Rauk-Mitchell ▪ 5 Rysa Walker ▪ 6 John Gregory Hancock ▪ 7 Rhiannon Frater ▪ 8 Dale Ivan Smith ▪ 9 Samuel Peralta ▪ 10 Kody Boye ▪ 11 Patrice Fitzgerald ▪ 12 A.A. Chamberlynn ▪ 13 Madeline Freeman ▪ 14 D. Robert Pease ▪ 15 Cynthia Port ▪ 16 Addison Moore ▪ 17 Marilyn Peake ▪ 18 T.K. Eldridge ▪ 19 Damyanti Biswas ▪ 20 Jon Frater ▪ 21 Aarti V Raman ▪ 22 Shelli R Johannes-Wells ▪ 23 S. J. Pajonas ▪ 24 Anthea Sharp ▪ 25 RJ Crayton ▪ 26 Patricia Gilliam ▪ 27 Maureen O. Betita ▪ 28 Christine Pope ▪ 29 Shéa MacLeod ▪ 30 Jamie Krakover ▪ 31 Corinne O’Flynn ▪ 32 Kat Mizera ▪ 33 Jemi Fraser ▪ 34 Lily Zante ▪ 35 Lisa Manifold ▪ 36 Jenna Barwin ▪ 37 Samantha A. Cole ▪ 38 Nicole Zoltack ▪ 39 Hannah Steenbock ▪ 40 Carolyn R. Parsons ▪ 41 Brighton Walsh ▪ 42 Rebecca Rode ▪ 43 Moira Katson ▪ 44 Rae Lori ▪ 45 Frank Bardessono ▪ 46 Blair Babylon ▪ 47 Catherine Stine ▪ 48 Mary E. Twomey ▪ 49 DK Cassidy ▪ 50 Skye MacKinnon ▪ 51 C.J. Booth ▪ 52 J. Rose Alexander ▪ 53 Stephanie Damore ▪ 54 Tina Glasneck ▪ 55 Daphne Loveling ▪ 56 Calla Zae ▪ 57 M.C. Cerny ▪ 58 Philip Harris ▪ 59 Kristen Taber ▪ 60 Bethany Adams ▪ 61 Kari Kilgore ▪ 62 Edward J. Branley ▪ 63 Jennifer Willis ▪ 64 T.J. Kelly ▪ 65 Joslyn Westbrook ▪ 66 Sasha Cottman ▪ 67 Stella Bixby ▪ 68 Jason A. Adams ▪ 69 Russell Nohelty ▪ 70 Elizabeth S. Wolf ▪ 71 L.L. Richman ▪ 72 Ryan Hill ▪ 73 JL Blair ▪ 74 Artemis Crow ▪ 75 Chrys Fey ▪ 76 Elaine Kaye ▪ 77 Leah Ashton ▪ 78 Sarah Ettritch ▪ 79 Rhonda Hopkins ▪ 80 Avril Sabine ▪ 81 Kari Holloway ▪ 82 Tony James Slater ▪ 83 Skye Malone ▪ 84 Anastasia Wilde ▪ 85 Deanna Chase ▪ 86 SJ Mayeski ▪ 87 Kate Danley ▪ 88 Mona Marple ▪ 89 Polly Holmes ▪ 90 Zachary Chopchinski ▪ 91 Sonia Rao ▪ 92 Helen Smith ▪ 93 Ann Omasta ▪ 94 Ariele Sieling ▪ 95 Charity Tahmaseb ▪ 96 Jeanne Marcella ▪ 97 Allison Chan ▪ 98 Tina Moss ▪ 99 M Pepper Langlinais ▪ 100 J.W. Garrett ▪ 101 A.P. Watson ▪ 102 Luci Beach ▪ 103 Cat Johnson ▪ 104 K. Gorman ▪ 105 Juliet Vane ▪ 106 Jane Hinchey ▪ 107 Angie Arland ▪ 108 Malorie Cooper ▪ 109 Alanah Andrews ▪ 110 Nirina Stone ▪ 111 M.E. Layton ▪ 112 Tori Knightwood ▪ 113 Imogene Nix ▪ 114 Stephanie and Isaac Flint ▪ 115 Deniz Barki Bevan ▪ 116 Elise Noble ▪ 117 Dania Voss ▪ 118 Val O. Morris ▪ 119 Skyler Grant ▪ 120 Lauren Stewart ▪ 121 Tara C. Allred ▪ 122 TJ Muir ▪ 123 Gwen Gardner ▪ 124 Caia Daniels ▪ 125 JC Andrijeski

- Additional contributions from ('Stowaway' number + Contributor)
S1 Edward Robert Durlak ▪ S2 Edward Neale Durlak ▪ S3 Noelle Gaussens ▪ S4 Jackie Tansky ▪ S5 Lorena Dinger ▪ S6 Cindi Knowles ▪ S7 Chris Fried ▪ S8 Ambrose Beaulieu

- Additional contributions from other Stowaways - see WOTM for complete details

SKQ interns at NASA.jpg

Susan Kaye Quinn (2020) - XM1

- Selections from the catalog of Susan Kaye Quinn, featuring writing, photographs, and art from

Susan Kaye Quinn ▪ SKQ / NASA Dryden ▪ Ambrose Beaulieu ▪ BZN Studio Designs ▪ Writers on the Moon

OSUN x SEMAPHORE -Sonnet.jpg

OSUN x Semaphore (2020 - 2022) - PM1, GM1

- A collection of collaborative poetry between OSUN and Semaphore

- OSUN programmed by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne, based on OpenAI GPT-2 345M parameter model
- Semaphore is a literary project and persona founded in 2009 by Samuel Peralta
- Training text selection and editing of OSUN output by collaboration of the authors
- OSUN is a set of literary experiments exploring human + AI collaboration in art


Faith and Fear in Flushing (2022) - GM1

- Literary essay by Greg Prince in Faith and Fear in Flushing: the Blog for Mets Fans Who Like to Read

- The Mets are an American professional baseball team based in the New York City borough of Queens. In the mid-twentieth century there was a saying that man would walk on the Moon before the then-languishing Mets ever won a pennant. On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the Moon and, true to the adage, a few weeks later the Mets planted their championship flag at Shea Stadium. As Greg Prince artfully observes in this essay, the Mets may finally go to the Moon themselves - transported through a portrait by Nanette Fluhr of her son Lonny, a quintessential fan in Mets gear, archived in the Lunar Codex's Polaris time capsule.

Rattlesnake Point 5.jpg

Tanita Cree (2021) - GM1

- Selections from the digital photographic catalog of Tanita Cree, featuring landscape, portrait, and panoramic images of nature 

- Part of the Memories of Earth photographic series of the Lunar Codex

JTPeralta -A Passage in Time.jpg

Windrift Books (2023) - PM1, GM1

- Autobiography of Jesus T. Peralta – painter, photographer, graphic artist, poet, anthropologist and  archaeologist, essayist, and one of the foremost prizewinning playwrights in the Philippines

- Edited by S. Peralta and A. Peralta
- "A Passage in Time" will be issued by Windrift Books in conjunction with the publication of a completely new edition of his award-winning stage plays

RBPeralta -A Life in Art.jpg

Windrift Books (2023) - PM1, GM1

- Autobiography of Rosario Bitanga Peralta – painter, sculptor, and printmaker who signs her work R. Bitanga, known as the first woman abstract artist in the Philippines

- Edited by S. Peralta and A. Peralta
- "A Life in Art" will be issued by Windrift Books in conjunction with the publication of a completely new catalog of her award-winning art

Scientific paper.jpg

J. Appl. Phys. 70 (3), 1 August 1991 - PM1, GM1

- Andreas Mandelis, Samuel Peralta, and Jan Thoen
- An application is presented of the Hamilton-Jacobi formulation of thermal-wave physics to the problem of photoacoustic depth profiling of inhomogeneous solids with arbitrary, continuously varying thermal diffusivity profiles. Simple expressions for the modulation frequency dependence of the photoacoustic signal in the case of exponential thermal diffusivity profiles are obtained, and a working general method for solving the inverse problem and obtaining arbitrary diffusivity depth profiles is demonstrated through computer simulations. The method was found to possess excellent profile reconstruction fidelity.



United States Patent US-5859484 (1999) - PM1, GM1

- Inventors – Lennart Mannik, Harry E. Ruda, Samuel B. Peralta, and Frank Y. Chu

- Description of a radioisotope-powered semiconductor battery comprising a substrate of a crystalline semiconductor material, and a radioactive power source.

Chris Fried -Indie Athenaeum.jpg

Indie Athenaeum (2021) - PM1, GM1

- Collected book reviews by Chris Fried

- Under his own name and the Indie Athenaeum imprint, Chris Fried has over 482 reviews of independently-published authors' works, posted on Amazon, Goodreads, and other bookseller websites

- With over 50,000 views of these reviews, and with nearly 2000 votes by readers marking these as helpful, Indie Athenaeum is one of the most viewed and trusted book review imprints online 
- Archived in WOTM, and in the Lunar Codex's Polaris collection

Mount Rainier by Kyle Nelson.jpg

Nature Magick (2023) - GM1

- Works from the Autumn Moon Project of art, photographs, graphics, poetry, and music, archived in the Polaris collection

- The Autumn Moon project is
Bethany Autumn Kalquist Nelson ▪ Kyle Nelson ▪ Avalon Gonzalez Moreno ▪ Juan Manuel Gonzalez Moreno ▪ Regan Gonzalez Moreno ▪ Orion Gonzalez Moreno ▪ Jennifer Pope ▪ Kevin Pope ▪ Gregory Nelson ▪ Brenda Nelson ▪ Jeffrey Nelson ▪ Ian Nelson ▪ Cara Nelson ▪ Grace Lovejoy ▪ Travis Martucci ▪ Bethanie Garber ▪ Cassie Garber ▪ Patrick Garber ▪ Ed Fetterman ▪ Valentin Armianu ▪ Theodore Armianu ▪ Irina Armianu ▪ Ananda & Jasmin L. ▪ Rebecca Athey ▪ Lucrecia Pautasso ▪ Nadine Kuehn ▪ David Specht ▪ Allison Roure ▪ Lunden Souza ▪ Raegynne Souza ▪ Marlene Kingeter ▪ Morgan Kate Smillie ▪ Ashley J Justin ▪ Nikko Vanegas ▪ Maryam G ▪ Gail Lorraine Gibson ▪ Carolanne Wolfe ▪ Ashley Wolfe ▪ Seth Mahaffey ▪ Tina Walsh ▪ Jamie Lewis ▪ Alena Zdorovchenko ▪ Katie Nelson ▪ Lilly Lane Zettle ▪ Aurora Sage Zettle ▪ Dalia Gallardo ▪ Hermes Daniel ▪ Linzi Buchanan ▪ Luis Gonzalez Sandoval ▪ Conor Gonzalez Buchanan ▪ Ian Gonzalez Buchanan ▪ Michael Bartkiewicz ▪ (Luscious) Luke Beetham ▪ Daniel Bartkiewicz ▪ Lance (Dynamite) Nelson ▪ Diana Marsh ▪ Pete (Hollywood) Capponi ▪ Tim Zettle ▪ Susan Borthwick ▪ John Borthwick ▪ Lorna Festa ▪ Kimberly Kane ▪ Kiara Kane ▪ Richard Kane Junior ▪ Richard Kane Sr. ▪ Wendell Manwarren ▪ Roger Roberts ▪ Stanton Kewley ▪ Greg Pugh ▪ Barbara Oglaza Asha

Grief 2022 Marco Campos 60x40 Oil.jpg

Gallerist (2021-2023) - PM1, XM1, GM1

- Works from the Gallerist Catalogue of itinerant art, photographs, graphics, poetry, music, and film, personally curated by Samuel Peralta.

- Includes works onboard one or more time capsules, but not yet documented elsewhere in the Lunar Codex

- Selected works archived in the Peregrine or Νουα collections. All works archived in the Polaris collection.

- Creators of work not documented elsewhere on this website include 
Rosario Bitanga (art & sculpture) ▪ Roberta Boffo (art) ▪ Kim Carson (podcast) ▪ Olesya Dzhurayeva & Corvinus Press (art portfolio) ▪ Nanette Fluhr (art) ▪ Jason Gurley (art) ▪ Bruce Ha (biography) ▪ Gottfried Helnwein (art) ▪ Heather Horton (art) ▪ Walter James Burnett (poetry) ▪ A.N. Khoe (illustration) ▪ Yayoi Kusama (art) ▪ Didi Menendez (art) ▪ Antosia Moon (art) ▪ Sam Parr (music) ▪ L.E. Peralta (poetry) ▪ Sam Peralta / Semaphore X (art) ▪ Marc Pinto (body art) ▪ Miriam Molina Salces (art) ▪ Graeme Stevenson OAM (art) ▪ Richard Stergulz (art) ▪ David White (broadcast)

- Creators of work pending confirmation of selection and documentation include

Mia Tavonatti et al (mosaic artworks) Jyotsna Atre (poetry and art)

- Creators of work with pending documentation beyond that already completed include

FAST India Spin Your Science short story collection authors, associated judges & staff SETI Institute AIR Program artists and associated staff (art, music, more▪ Daniela de Paulis (art film, more) ▪ Buzz Aldrin, Anca Faur | Buzz Aldrin Ventures (photographs, books, more) Metropolitan United Church, the Estate of Norval Morrisseau, and associated galleries, artists, writers, for Transition of the Soul (art, essays, moreNinot Aziz + authors, illustrators, and editors of Dragonlore (poetry, stories, art) ▪ Heather Horton, artist, and the writers of Immersion (art, essays) J Adam McGalliard (art) L.E. Peralta and the cast and crew of Luckey Quarter (film) Ice-T (music) Trigga (music) Smoothe da Hustler (music) Artie Cabrera (music) Indira Laktaeva (poetryColleen Hoffenbacker (artBernice Shaller (artJanet Culbertson (artRising Voices 3: The Bennett Prize Winner and Finalists Catalogue (art▪  Maria Mitsumori (art▪  Niranjan Ramchandra Patgaonkar (sculpture) ▪ Enrico Poli & the cast and crew of Closure and The Future (film▪ Alister Brenton (music) & Yllogique (music▪ Fiona Cawdron (novel▪ Yacout Chatt (art▪ Vanessa King & Anna Jurinich (digital art) ▪ Joyce Brinkman (poetry) ▪ Daniel Maidman / Julia Elnes (art) ▪ Daniel Maidman / Starla (art) ▪ Sapna Sharon (poetry) ▪ Anara Abzhanova (art) ▪ Stefan Baumann (art) ▪ Tom Lehrer (music▪ Marco Campos (art)  ▪ Michael Blouin (novel▪ Toby Wright (art▪ Lynne Garlick (art▪ Alasdair Gill, Robin Milner, Richard Kay, Tom Baldassari, Zoe Salt, and James Sisti (nature & photography▪ Shalva Mosidze (biography) ▪ Romana Go (essay) ▪ Sinisha Kashawelski (art▪ Ruben Dario Estudillo (artArtittaya Na Takuatung (art▪ Elena Bria (artChristine Lavoie (art▪ Silvia São Paulo (art▪ Anna Jurinich (artDany Assaf (memoirPatrice Fitzgerald, Jessa Archer, Jack Lyster, Jerilyn Dufresne, Tad Richards & Anne Kelleher (fiction▪  Authors of Mostly Murder and Beyond the Stars selected volumes, ed Patrice Fitzgerald (fiction▪ Oceana Rain Stuart (catalogue of 22 sculptures) Edith Bañuelos (artJoyce Majiski (art▪ Celeste Maia (various art piecesKonai Helu Thaman (poetry▪ Albert Wendt (poetry▪ Wo Chan (poetry▪ Bela Chekurishvili (poetry▪ John Puhiatau Pule (poetry▪ Sudesh Mishra (poetryDan Taulapapa McMullin (poetry▪ John Joseph Adams & Lightspeed Magazine selected issues (fiction, art & non-fiction▪ Ankh Spice (poetry▪ Caitlyn Spice (art in nature▪ Leah Marie Dorion (art▪ Kenn Flynn (catalogue of sculptures▪ Martina McAteer (art▪ Charles Spano, Claire Carré & the cast and crew of Embers (film)

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