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2018-95 PTFN Girl on Sofa.jpg

The Lunar Codex uses digital and analog technology to preserve art, books, music, and more, enclosed in time capsules and launched to the Moon. It is a message-in-a-bottle to the future.

Curatorial Notes

This section documents art and literary magazines archived in the Lunar Codex. Foremost among these are 152 issues of exhibit catalogs and arts & poetry magazines from the GOSS183 publishing house, including Oranges & Sardines, MiPOesias, OCHO, iArtistasHashtag Art Magazine, PoetsArtists, and 33PA

For over fifteen years, GOSS183 has featured  cutting-edge artists and curators, poets and reviewers - avant-garde realistic art at its best and most provocative.

As well as its expansive view of artworks and artists, GOSS183 also publishes interviews, reviews, and poetry books. Dr. Samuel Peralta's poetry chapbook Sonnets from the Labrador - published in 2010 by GOSS183 - was the touchpoint for a remarkably fruitful relationship that has continued to this day, including curating several exhibits with PoetsArtists, 33 Contemporary, and the Wasau Museum of Contemporary Art.

Shelter - indexed elsewhere in the Lunar Codex - appears on this list as an exhibit organized by PoetsArtists and 33 Contemporary but whose catalogue exists only as a lunar edition in the Νουα time capsule.

* Every artist, writer, and collector with art or articles included in the issues shown below are verified as represented in the Codex

Art & Literary Magazines

PA Issue 78 cover.jpg

The Lunar Codex uses digital and analog technology to preserve art, books, music, and more, enclosed in time capsules and launched to the Moon. It is a message-in-a-bottle to the future.

Curatorial Notes

Many of the art works in the Codex were originally shown at galleries over 2015-2021, whose exhibition catalogues were published by Goss 183, or were included in special editions of PoetsArtists (PA) magazine. All were curated by noted figurative artists, gallerists, collectors or art critics in association with publisher Didi Menendez.

Two of these exhibitions, Chronicles of a Future Foretold, and Shelter, was curated by Dr. Samuel Peralta. Shelter is based on a 2020 call for work specifically on the theme of shelter from the global Covid-19 pandemic that began in 2019. 

A landmark exhibition featured in "The Nova Collection", Mars: An Artistic Mission, was hosted by the California Art Club (est. 1909) to commemorate  the landing of NASA's Perseverance rover on Mars on February 18, 2021.

The Codex also features a selection of art from the 15th ARC Salon Exhibition held by the Art Renewal Center (ARC), a non-profit, educational foundation, hosting the largest online museum dedicated to representational art, and leading the revival of realism in the visual arts.

Several private collections and assemblages are also of importance to the Lunar Codex, notably The Windrift Collection and the assemblage of artists of The Bennett Prize®. Artworks from these form the core of the works catalogued in "The Nova Collection" time capsule. We are grateful to these collections for permission to represent these works in the Codex.

* Every artist listed below has at least one artwork represented in the Codex, and many have several pieces of art represented. 

The style is primarily figurative realism, balancing the abstract expressionism of previous art on the Moon. Non-figurative art is still represented, as in the Moon Leaves paintings in Rosario Bitanga's catalogue, and in the prints of Yayoi Kusama.


Works are located as to their respective lunar time capsules as follows: 

IM1 - Intuitive Machines Nova-C Mission 1 to Vallis Schrasöteri (The Nova Collection)

PM1 - Astrobotic Peregrine Mission 1 to Lacus Mortis (The Peregrine Collection)

GM1 - Astrobotic Griffin Mission 1 to the Lunar South Pole (The Polaris Collection) 


Oranges and Sardines Summer 2008.jpg

GOSS183 (2008-2023) - PM1, XM1, GM1

- The Lunar Codex archives issues of GOSS183 magazines over 2008-2024, beginning with the Summer 2008 issue of Oranges & Sardines through the Spring 2024 catalogue issue of 33PA - 152 issues in all.

- Didi Menendez, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief - joined by a number of guest curators, artists, authors, reviewers, and interviewers as indexed in each issue.
- Poetry chapbooks published by GOSS183 are indexed in the Literature section of the Lunar Codex

- Magazines or exhibit catalogs not listed below may already be listed in the Peregrine Collection and the Νουα Collection of the Lunar Codex as indicated in the Art Catalogs and various Gallery sections of the Lunar Codex. Those would be backed-up in the Polaris Collection.
- All art pieces, poems, short stories, articles and interviews from the print and digital issues represented below are included in the Polaris Collection of the Lunar Codex.

- See the PoetsArtists website for artist and writer details pending indexing of individual issues 

Oranges and Sardines Summer 2008.jpg
Oranges and Sardines Fall 2008.jpg
Oranges and Sardines Winter 2008.jpg
2008-08 MiPOesias Hittinger.jpg
2009-03 Alyssa Monks.jpg
2009-04 Taylor Mali jumps.jpg
2009-05 Man blue suit and hat.jpg
2009-06 Hooded man w coffee.jpg
2009-07 Nude Nov.jpg
2009-08 Baby.jpg
2010-01 Girl in violet sweater.jpg
2010-02 Charles Jensen.jpg
2010-03 Erin Cone.jpg
2010-04 Howard Tullman.jpg
2010-05 Blonde hair.jpg
2010-06 Yellow w faces.jpg
2010-08 Frank Bernarducci.jpg
2010-09 Alex Trebek.jpg
2010-10 Sad man.jpg
2010-11 Man painting.jpg
2011-01 Man in hat.jpg
2011-01 Rita Dove.jpg
2011-02 Artist in White.jpg
2011-04 Praying Woman.jpg
2011-04 Summer Extravaganza.jpg
2011-27 Angela Hardy.jpg
2011-28 Batgirl.jpg
2012-00 Siblings.jpg
2012-00 Cartoonish.jpg
2012-10 Photobook.jpg
2012-25.jpg Color Man and Woman.jpg
2012-31 Word portrait.jpg
2012-35 Woman by Stephen Cefalo.jpg
2012-36 Swimmer.jpg
2012-38 Matthew Cherry.jpg
2013-00.jpg Suit and axe.jpg
2013-05 Girl with goggles.jpg
2013-22 Blues Issue.jpg
2013-33 Nude.jpg
2014-11 Purple nude.jpg
2014-33 Cuban Issue.jpg
2014-57 Egg on face.jpg
2014-66 Woman smoking.jpg
2014-99 Woman wrapped.jpg
2015-00 Astronaut.jpg
2015-00 Woman.jpg
2015-18 Blue lady.jpg
2015-19 iArtistas line drawing.png
2015-35 Multicolored girl.jpg
2015-55 Woman diagonal.jpg
2015-61 Afro woman.jpg
2015-63 Woman upside down.jpg
PA The Realism Issue.jpg
PA 50 Memorable Painters.jpg
PA Devotion.jpg
PA The Portrait Issue.jpg
2015-66 Rabbit ears.jpg
2015-99 Stephen Wright.jpg
2015-99 Statue woman.jpg
2015-99 Tiger woman.jpg
2016-73 Disco Sucks.jpg
PA Chevere.jpg
PA Issue 78 cover.jpg
PA Figurative Painters.jpg
2016-73 Silver face on yellow.jpg
2017-01 Whispering Woman.jpg
2017-83 Pensive Man.jpg
2017-84 Elizabeth Sackler.jpg
2017-87 Woman Sitting.jpg
2017-87 Woman Warrior.jpg
2017-88 Mother and Child.jpg
PA Formation.jpg
PA Sight Unseen.jpg
2018-00 Stained Glass.jpg
PA New Nude.jpg
2018-92 10th Anniversary.jpg
2018-92 Visions of Venus.jpg
2018-93 Eros Gaze.jpg
2018-95 PTFN Girl on Sofa.jpg
2018-97 New Nude.jpg
2018-98 Anything but the Figure.jpg
Cover -Future Foretold.jpg
PA Miniatures.jpg
2018-98 Human Condition.jpg
2018-99 Tomassetti.jpg
PA 100 Figurative Realism.jpg
2019-00 2019.jpg
2019-00 I Observe.jpg
2019-99 Surface Tension.jpg
2019-101 Adorn Me.jpg
2019-102 Secondary Meanings.jpg
2019-104 PTFN.jpg
2019-105 PA.jpg
2019-106 Provocative Patterns.jpg
2019-103 Go Wild.jpeg
2019-107 Woman in Brown.jpg
2020-00 Couples.jpg
2020-00 Ardent Olders.jpg
2020-00 Junyi Liu.jpg
2020-00 PTFN.jpg
2020-00 Marilyn.jpg
2020-00 Blindfolded w Scissors.jpg
2020-03 Woman in Bed.jpg
2020-66 Summer Woman.jpg
2020-88 Human Condition.jpg
2020-99 .Spring Woman.jpg
PA Storytellers cover.jpg
2020-99 Victor Wang.jpg
2020-108 Two Women.jpg
2020-12 Ethereal.png
2021-00 Americana.jpg
2021-00 Au Naturel.jpg
2021-00 Car Curves.jpg
2021-00 New Light.jpg
2021-00 Florals.jpg
2021-00 Twenty Drawings.jpg
2021-00 PTFN.jpg
2021-01 Man w Floral Hair.jpg
2021-33 Woman Hair Ribbon.jpg
2021-33 Music Man.jpg
2021-66 Invention.jpg
Facing the Universe cover.jpg
2021-77 Iconic.jpg
2021-99 Quest for Modern Figure.jpg
2021 Shelter .jpg
2022-00 James Ron Interactive.jpg
2021 Nov Tetrachromat.png
2022-00 Final Frontier.jpg
2022-00 Sergio Gomez.jpg
2022-00 Matt Talbert.jpg
Mujer PA March 2022 cover.jpg
PA Reinterpreting Masterworks.jpg
PA 2022-05-21 Pandemic cover.jpg
PA 2022-05-25 Kimberly Dow -Sirens and Secrets.jpg
PA Summer 2022 Pop-Up Show.jpg
PA Collectors Preview 2022.jpg
Desperately Seeking Madonna cover.jpg
Poets_Artists_PoetsArtists_37_August_2012 cover.jpg
PoetsArtists Dec 2012 Issue 41 cover.jpg
PA Mujer 2023.jpg
PA Prize 16th Arc Salon 2022-2023 cover.jpg
PoetsArtists Spring 2023 cover.jpg
Goss183 PA Summer 2023 cover.jpg
33PA Fall 2023 Collector Preview.jpg
Tiny catalogue of miniature nudes.jpg
33PA Winter cover.jpg
33PA Spring2024 cover.jpg
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