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The Lunar Codex uses digital and analog technology to preserve art, books, music, and more, enclosed in time capsules and launched to the Moon. It is a message-in-a-bottle to the future.

Curatorial Notes

In terms of other creative arts, filmmaking is represented by digital video of several films contained in The Polaris Collection, and screenplays in The Peregrine Collection.


Feature and short films include the Emmy® award-winning film Real Artists, the acclaimed film Fragile Storm, and the film The Darkest Moon.


Works are located as to their respective lunar time capsules as follows: 

IM1 - Intuitive Machines Nova-C Mission 1 to Vallis Schrasöteri (The Nova Collection)

PM1 - Astrobotic Peregrine Mission 1 to Lacus Mortis (The Peregrine Collection)

GM1 - Astrobotic Griffin Mission 1 to the Lunar South Pole (The Polaris Collection)


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Charming Stranger Films (2017) - PM1, GM1

- Directed by Cameo Wood

- Screenplay by Cameo Wood, based on a story by Ken Liu
- 40 film awards and 31 nominations, including an Emmy® Award 

- Produced by 
Cameo Wood ▪ Ryon Lane ▪ Jeremy Bornstein ▪ Rhiannon Crothers ▪ Richard Crownover ▪ Chris Porovaara Fisher ▪ Alexa Fraser-Herron ▪ Ashley Peter Niblock ▪ Allen Wilson ▪ Samuel Peralta
- Cast 
Tamlyn Tomita ▪ Tiffany Hines ▪ Connie Jo Sechrist ▪ Natalie Conneely ▪ Ryon Lane ▪ Sammy Wegent ▪ Lili Schafer
- Crew and other production departments
Meredith Yayanos ▪ Kimberly Culotta ▪ Russell August Anderson ▪ Matt Evans ▪ Lisa Almquist ▪ Tara Marshell ▪ Laura Fries ▪ Megan Lush ▪ Omid Matthew ▪ Branden Paris ▪ Michael Phillis ▪ Jona Tochet ▪ Christopher Barnett ▪ Claudia Katayanagi ▪ James Lebrecht ▪ Erik Reimers ▪ Ryan Spenser ▪ Matt Evans ▪ Anna Rottke ▪ Jackie Bryan ▪ Baron Coenen ▪ Nicole Fraser-Herron ▪ Lance Gegner ▪ Asia Heredia ▪ Kelsey Juddo ▪ Ryon Lane ▪ Alyssa Moran ▪ Ryan Nelson ▪ Nicolas 'Nico' Ortiz y Pino ▪ John Threat ▪ Vanessa Woo ▪ Calum Grant ▪ Amie Sarazan ▪ Seth Shubin ▪ Robert Arnold ▪ Stephen Berke ▪ Ryan Coseboom ▪ Bianca Beyrouti ▪ Jackson Currie ▪ Leigh Alexander ▪ Silver Speakman

- Screenplay archived in Peregrine time capsule. Film and screenplay archived in Polaris time capsule.

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Palm Street Films (2015) - PM1, GM1


- Directed by Dawn Fields

- Screenplay by Carly Street and Dawn Fields, story by Carly Street- 12 film awards and 17 nominations

- Produced by
Dawn Fields ▪ Debbie Rankin ▪ Kelly Raymer ▪ James Popiden ▪ Tina Carbone ▪ Samuel Peralta
- Cast 
Lance Henriksen ▪ Mackenzie Mason ▪ Jody Jaress
- Crew and other production departments
Giuseppe Alfano ▪ Yaron Levy ▪ Dawn Fields ▪ Ashley Swanson ▪ Jessica Miller ▪ Lauren Fonville ▪ Brittany Larisa Avalon ▪ Devan Weitzman ▪ Ambra Chavira ▪ Sam Messe ▪ Jeffrey Kosh ▪ Liz Martin ▪ Geoff McClelland ▪ Jessica Miller ▪ Larry Soileau ▪ Adam Van Der Mark ▪ Jake Brichta ▪ Maui Holcomb ▪ Michael Malerba ▪ Joey Paul ▪ Rick Santizo ▪ Brian Berneker ▪ Tony Hudson ▪ Hiyam Abousaid ▪ Jimmy Black ▪ Kaleb Blakey ▪ Ray Chatman ▪ John Geronilla ▪ Candace Higgins ▪ Geoff McClelland ▪ Sandu Negrea ▪ Tony Rudenko ▪ Andy Steinman ▪ Ed Wu ▪ Gray Marshall ▪ Deborah Rankin ▪ James Heathcote ▪ Toby Holden ▪ Itamar Rashkovsky ▪ Hannah Slavin ▪ Edward Sokolowski ▪ Emelle ▪ Raymond Allaire ▪ Natalie Cueva ▪ Liliana Granados ▪ Zach Knadler ▪ Karlie Powell ▪ Meaghan Vernon ▪ Sarah Wong ▪ Ali Zahiri

- Screenplay archived in Peregrine time capsule. Film and screenplay archived in Polaris time capsule.

Yesterday's Moon.jpg

Palm Street Films (2021) - PM1, GM1

- Treatment for pre-production film as "Yesterday's Moon" (PM1)
- In production with modified storyline as "The Darkest Moon"

- Written and directed by Dawn Fields 
- Produced by
Dawn Fields ▪ James Popiden ▪ Samuel Peralta

Found -film by Dawn Fields.jpg

Palm Street Films (2014) - GM1


- Directed by Dawn Fields

- Screenplay by Dawn Fields

- Produced by
Tom Massmann ▪  Dawn Fields ▪ James Popiden ▪ Tina Carbone ▪ Meera Kim ▪ Samuel Peralta
- Cast 
Juan Reidinger ▪ Danny Herb ▪ Ronni Hawk ▪ Allyson Sereboff ▪ Angelo Polito ▪ Christian Weissmann ▪ Alex Wright ▪ Sierra Gracelyn Brogmus ▪ Cameryn Cox
- Additional cast

Carson Mucho ▪ Nikita Pankratz ▪ Raymond Allaire ▪ Guy Preston Bailey ▪ Stephanie Couture ▪ Peter Holt ▪ Matthew Moore ▪ Radcliff Redding ▪ Dori Russell ▪ Carl Schembri ▪ Alba Yates
- Crew and other production departments

Matthew Carrier ▪ Pedja Radenkovic ▪ Dawn Fields Tessa Philbrick Ambra Chavira Cheynoa Schroeder Chelsey Hemstreet ▪ Elena Frickman ▪ Tom Massmann James Popiden ▪ Nicholas Possnack ▪ Alina Shelestyuk ▪ 
Nick Somers Frank Galvan Eric Raber Rick Santizo Gabe Stewart Victor Winters-Junco  C. Neo Arboleda ▪ 
Jimmy Black Brian DeCroce David Thomas Graves ▪ Nye Green Levi Kaminkowitz Michael Kang ▪ Meera Kim Kira Murdock ▪ Dyron Pacheco ▪ Michael Paletta ▪ Eric Parkin ▪ Anthony Roldan Tony Rudenko Todd Stroik ▪ Peter Swartz Gene Blalock ▪ Roe Moore ▪ Stephanie Couture Aaron Ellis ▪ Andrew Graham ▪ Randy Szuch ▪ Sarah Wong

River of Songs Film Poster.jpg

Silent River (2021) - GM1

- Written and directed by Kalpna Singh-Chitnis

- Based on the poem "Silent River" from the poetry collection Bare Soul by Kalpna Singh-Chitnis
- Crew and other production departments

Cinematography: G.Bouiges Abraham Braun Kiril Dobrev Taryn Elliott Tom Fisk KML Ruvim Miksansky

Photography: Jira Rustan Matthew Montrone

Editing: Kalpna Singh-Chitnis

Post-prouction: Silent River

Music and sound effects:


JTPeralta -Exit No Exit.jpg

Windrift Books (2021) - PM1

- First published in Palanca Award-Winning Plays (1978)
- This edition Windrift Books (2021), limited edition run, edited by S.B. Peralta and A.K. Peralta
- Jesus T. Peralta is a painter, photographer, graphic artist, poet, anthropologist and  archaeologist, essayist, and is also one of the foremost prizewinning playwrights in the Philippines. Exit No Exit won the First Prize in the Full-Length Play category of the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards in 1978 and will be re-issued by Windrift Books as the first in a completely new edition of his award-winning stage plays. 

- Photo credit - "Iglesia San Juan Evangelista de Juan Griego, Nueva Esparta" (2006) by Wilfredo R Rodriguez (GFDL, CC-BY-SA)

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Jet Scalawag.jpg

Peralta GameDev (2022) - GM1

- Videogame and interstitial films comprising four standalone interactive episodes: Nebula Station, Asteroid Station, Neon City, and Dark City
- Core Team
Patrick Peralta, game design and programming ▪ Elona Peralta, logistics and support ▪ Kyra Peralta, social media management ▪ Elijah Peralta, QA and game testing

- Assets used include
Jet Scalawag model by Mehmet Pinarci ▪ Hextraction's Open Game Art Initiative by Combo Mash ▪ 3D Spaceship by Paidex ▪ Low poly UFO by JonLundy3D ▪ Volumetric Space Nebula Procedural Generator by Ambient GraphX ▪ Space Stations Creator by Ebal Studios ▪ Asteroid Field with Asteroid Stations Pack by Kurt Fitzgerald ▪ Neon City Synthwave by CGStuff ▪ NeuroFractals Pack by Vladimir Perminov ▪ Cyberpunk FX Pack by Delirious Games ▪ Space Creator by Makemake

- Major project contributors to production videos, to be released, include
Jimmy Dean, voice of Jet Scalawag ▪ Kevin Rodrigues, voice of The Forth ▪ Kyra Peralta, voice of the Little Girl ▪ Mehmet Pinarci, 3D models: Jet Scalawag skin and various enemy capital ships ▪ Tyler Gibbons, 3D models: Jet Scalawag skin, Little Girl and other human models, other spacecraft ▪ Anakin Pereyra, 2D art ▪ Almaz Khakimov, various ambient and spacecraft sound effects ▪ Chris Cathbad, music ▪ Francis Peralta, music  ▪ Ismail Kemal Ciftcioglu, Co-founder RealityArts Studio, technical consultation