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Payload Coordinator & Curator, The Lunar Codex

Physicist and storyteller - Samuel Peralta's fiction has hit the Wall Street Journal,  USA Today, and Amazon bestseller lists, and his poetry has won awards worldwide, including the Palanca Award for Literature, as well as from the BBC, the UK Poetry Society, and the League of Canadian Poets.

Samuel is a Grandes Figuras award-winning composer and lyricist, and a producer of independent films, including Golden Globe® nominee The Fencer, and the Emmy® Award winning Real Artists.

He has curated art exhibits at the Art NXT Level / 33 Contemporary Gallery, the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, and on Artsy.net. He and his partner are named sponsors of the permanent Yayoi Kusama infinity mirrored room at the Art Gallery of Ontario

With a Ph.D. in physics and over 150 published scientific papers, Samuel continues an expansive career in the high-technology industry as CEO of Incandence, serving on the board of several private and publicly-listed firms, and mentoring start-ups at the University of Toronto’s ICUBE accelerator.

The Lunar Codex is a passion project archiving the work of thousands of creative artists and one A.I. - including some of Samuel's own works - on lunar time capsules, launched via partners of NASA's Artemis program to return humankind to the Moon.

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