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Founder, The Lunar Codex

The Lunar Codex is a passion project, created by Dr. Samuel Peralta, which archives the work of thousands of contemporary creative artists, and one A.I., on lunar time capsules, launched via partners of NASA's Artemis program to return humankind to the Moon. 

Samuel's own work has hit the Wall Street Journal,  USA Today, and Amazon bestseller lists, and his poetry has won awards worldwide, including the Palanca Award for Literature, as well as from the BBC, the UK Poetry Society, and the League of Canadian Poets.

He has produced and supported over a hundred independent films, including the Golden Globe® nominee The Fencer, and the Emmy® Award winning Real Artists. He is also a Grandes Figuras award-winning composer and lyricist

Samuel has curated exhibits at the 33 Contemporary Gallery, the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, and, and judged competitions, including for the Art Renewal Center. He and his wife are named sponsors of the Yayoi Kusama infinity mirrored room at the Art Gallery of Ontario

A physics Ph.D. with over 150 published papers, co-founder of six companies, Samuel continues a career in media and high-technology as CEO of Incandence, serving on the board of private and publicly-listed firms, and mentoring start-ups at the University of Toronto’s ICUBE accelerator.

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I could not have reached out to the thousands of creatives now in the Lunar Codex, nor imagined this incredible journey was possible, without my network of friends in the arts and in technology. Curators, anthologists, and editors, engineers, technologists, and dreamers - to each and everyone of you, thank you to the Moon and back.

  • Alice, my partner at IncandenceWindrift Media, and in life, to whom I first promised the Moon

  • Bruce Ha, scientist, entrepreneur, and the visionary behind the NanoFiche data storage technology

  • Didi Menendez, indefatigable curator, editor, heart of the PoetsArtists community, and publisher at GOSS183

  • For The Polaris Trilogy anthologies, my editors Joyce Brinkman, inaugural Poet Laureate of Indiana and executive director of Brick Street Poetry, and professors Joe Heithaus of DePauw University, and Jessica Reed of Butler University

  • Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt, collectors, philanthropists, and the soul behind The Bennett Prize 

  • Kara Lysandra Ross, tireless curator and arts educator, co-chair and chief operating officer of the Art Renewal Center

  • Publisher Eric Rhoads, and editor-in-chief Peter Trippi of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine

  • Danijela Krha Purssey, editor-in-chief and co-founder with Richard Purssey of Beautiful Bizarre magazine

  • Beverly Chang, art enthusiast and public relations director for the California Art Club 

  • Romana Go, collector and peerless arts promoter at The Argo Collection

  • Graeme Stevenson, OAM, artist, educator, documentary filmmaker - and his many associates at Colour In Your Life

  • Jessica Libor, artist and purveyor of dreams at the Era Contemporary Gallery

  • My fellow curators at PoetsArtists, including Sergio Gomez (special shout-out to the 33 Contemporary Gallery), David Anthony Hummer (special shout-out to the Wasau Museum of Contemporary Art), Daniel Maidman, Steven DaLuz, Frank Bernarducci, Dirk Dzimirksy, Alisa El-Bermani, Jay Menendez, Walt Morton, John Seed, and of course Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt, and Didi Menendez, and so many more I know only through the PA exhibit catalogs

  • My editors for The Future Chronicles and the Chronicle Worlds anthology series, Crystal "Pikko" Watanabe, Ellen Campbell, Chris Pourteau, Therin Knite, Alex Roddie, Jeff Seymour, Nolie Wilson, Lucas Bale, Carol Davis; and the editors of my own stories, John Joseph Adams, David Gatewood, Naomi Leadbeater, and P.K. Tyler 

  • My co-anthologists, Patrice Fitzgerald of Beyond the Stars, Daniel Arthur Smith of Tales from the Canyons of the Damned and Frontiers of Speculative Fiction, P.K. Tyler of UnCommon Anthologies, Kim Wells and P.K. Tyler of Mosaics, Artie Cabrera of Gravity City, Shebat Legion of Klarissa Dreams and Indomitable Ink

  • Peter Cawdron and his unique connections in culture, and his work alongside daughter Sarah on the video interview series "The Time Machine" about the Lunar Codex and the creatives onboard

  • My rideshare partners on Peregrine, Susan Kaye Quinn of Writers on the Moon, and Ryan O'Shea of Future Grind

  • Lori Taylor, co-founder and co-CEO, with Chris Habachy, of Galactic Legacy Labs, my logistics partner for the Nova mission; and DHL MoonBox, logistics partner for the Peregrine and Griffin missions

  • The scientists, engineers, and staff at NASA, and at Astrobotic Technology and Intuitive Machines, partners of launch platform companies SpaceX and the United Launch Alliance, and makers of the next-generation landers for NASA's Artemis program to return humans to the Moon, for whom the journey is also the destination

  • My parents, who nourished my love for art and music and poetry and science, where love lasts in perpetuity

I am grateful to all the artists, sculptors, authors, poets, songwriters, musicians, and filmmakers whose works fill and inspire this life. Thank you. Salamat. Merci beaucoup.

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